I’ve Started Meditating…

Hello all. It feels like it’s been a while. I’ve been so busy recently yet I’m doing nothing at all… Which is why I didn’t post last week because I had my textiles coursework to hand in so I was up to my ears in work. But I’m back. And I would say ‘and better than ever’ but that would be a lie… However I’ve been really excited for today’s post. It’s not really on the topic of fashion or beauty but anything goes over on my blog! (But I have some fashion posts coming right up!!)
Anyways, today’s post is on a weird topic it might seem but is something I wanted to mention. This is basically me just realising my weirdness by writing this post. But I’ve started meditating. And it is honestly so so good.

I started meditating because recently I’ve had trouble sleeping. I take ages to get to sleep because I’m thinking and I wake up feeling worried. Which is never a good start to any day. And I have been feeling so anxious about everything at the moment. Which is unfortunately showing with all the stress spots on my forehead… So my mood hasn’t been the best over the last week or so. And for some reason I’ve been so tired. I’ve been going to bed at half 9 most nights which is actually the best thing ever because I love sleeping.

Anyway before I get side tracked (as usual). I have started meditating before I go to sleep and when I wake up. It’s actually helped so much. I can definitely get to sleep quicker and have a much more peaceful sleep. It completely relaxes you so perfect to do before sleeping. And meditating before my day starts really makes me feel ready for my day. And depending on what meditating I do, I can feel more confident in myself.
I don’t tend to meditate throughout the day. But if I feel a bit rubbish sometimes I’ll do a quick 5 minute meditation and it definitely revitalises you.
Meditating probably seems like a stupid thing to most people. But I really wanted to mention it as it’s definitely helped my mental health. And I find it so enjoyable at the same time!

How I Meditate-

To meditate I use Rebekah Borucki’s Youtube channel. She has lots of meditation videos on her channel which have been my favourites from what I’ve tried. For a good meditation video, I need a good voice as I have it really loud. And as strange as it sounds, Rebekah has such a calming voice that is one of the reasons I love her videos so much.
I focus on her meditation for anxiety as they’re honestly so amazing! But I also use her ones for confidence which I also love as they for sure make me feel better in myself.
My two favourites are ;

The video for anxiety and panic attacks that I’ve linked above is my favourite. It calms me so much and I would definitely recommend if you’re like myself and get panic attacks and anxiety. I so far haven’t made my way through all of Rebekah’s videos but I definitely will. Her videos are the definition of relaxing. The little mantras that you repeat (in your head or out loud) are also something I love in the videos as I find them really empowering. I always sit in lotus with my palms up to feel the energy around me. I must sound mad but honestly I love it so much and now I really want to go to proper classes because I think it would be so fun. But that will never happen so I’ll stick to my bedroom floor…

I would definitely recommend meditating. It’s probably not for everyone but it’s really helped me and waking up everyday and meditating makes me feel positive towards each day. I haven’t even been doing it for that long, I’ve only properly gotten into in the last week or so but I had to write a post on it. I’m going to try to keep it up every morning and night so I’ll be sure to mention it in next months monthly favourites if it’s going well!!

Namaste bitches xo