New Favourite book; Finding Audrey

 I’ve been trying to read more at the moment, it hasn’t been going particularly well however the one book I have read and completely loved was Finding Audrey by Sophia Kinsela.

After seeing this book in Zoella’s WhSmith book club and it seeming like my perfect book from the blurb, my mum kindly treated me to it. I read it as soon as possible and it did not take me long to read as it kept me hooked the whole way through.

The story is about a 14 year old girl called Audrey who has social anxiety. She’s been a victim of bullying and stays at her home all day wearing these dark glasses so she can avoid eye contact. The book is written in Audrey’s point of view and shows her to be very quiet however extremely brave and doesn’t like to talk about her past experiences.
She goes to therapy which doesn’t seem to help her however it all changes when she meets her brother’s friend Linus…

The book is written so well as you really feel like you know Audrey really well and you’re rooting for her to overcome her fears. It gives you a mixture of emotions as there is some sad parts however some very funny and relate-able parts in it as well.
Also in the book Audrey was set a challenge to create a documentary of her daily life which it would show for a page or two, and I don’t normally like things like this in books when it changes from the normal chapter however it was really well put together and made me laugh as it felt just like an average family in day to day situations.

What I also really liked about this was how it showed a true understanding of mental health. It wasn’t some poor sloppy stuff that books can sometimes show when writing about a mental illness. It made you become really aware of what a person could be going through and shows what is a big struggle for people when it seems simple to us. The book also shows that recovering is hard and it’s not just as simple as falling in love and then it’s all fixed. It shows Audrey as being so determined in getting better however has her downfalls however it brings such a good moral to the story.

Overall this is such a good book and I can’t recommend it enough! It’s happy and sad and really gives you an insight to how hard it is for someone living with such a tough condition but makes you feel brave with the character.

Have you read this book?
Kate Xx

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