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Placement Log Week 1

Monday 21st March – Today was my first day of my placement at Be For Innovation, working on their brand Clear Skin Days. I went into their office in Nottingham today and met the team, which I really enjoyed. Today was a great introduction to the placement and it was nice to chat and settle in with my colleagues. I was informed on how the company operates and what to expect from my 9 weeks working at Be For Innovation.
I was given brand books, trend reports and the full range of products to try out myself. The trend reports and brand books will be extremely useful for my research into the skincare market and to understand the marketing of the brand.

Tuesday 22nd March – Today I went to the Be For Innovation office again, to meet with Sam to discuss the marketing plan for Clear Skin Days. We created Excel spreadsheets to plan out the content for the following months, the spreadsheet includes the captions and hashtags for Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest. This spreadsheet will help me to stay organised.

Wednesday 23rd March – I started my day by beginning to create content for Clear Skin Days. I made multiple TikToks and took many on-brand pictures for Instagram and Pinterest. After taking the content, I edited and added text to the TikTok’s.
Later on in the day, I had a call with Paige who talked me through the whole product range and we discussed ingredients and how they affect the skin. This was extremely useful.

Thursday 24th March – I begun my day with a call with Sam to talk through and discuss the TikTok’s I had created yesterday. We discussed the good bits and the bad bits of my content and where content could be improved. I worked on these improvements throughout the day. Sam and I called influencer Beth to discuss her monthly content for Clear Skin Days and a potential giveaway.

Friday 25th March – Today I started by creating more TikTok’s, focusing on individual product focused TikTok’s as this is what Sam had liked when I had trialled it previously in the week. After creating and editing this content, I planned it in to the excel spreadsheet for our social media content planner. 

Week Reflection:
I began this first week feeling apprehensive and a bit nervous about starting my 9-week placement. I felt nervous going into the office for the first time as I’d never been there before so felt out of my comfort zone. But as soon as I started my first day, I felt at ease and comfortable. The team at Be For Innovation are all super friendly and made sure I knew what I was doing and if I needed any help. 

Reflecting on my work this week, I am happy with what I have achieved. I have got stuck right in with creating content that is on brand and will suit the target audience. Receiving initial feedback from Sam mean that I was able to improve my work and focus on developing my content creation skills. I already feel more confident in my social media ability, as I have been analysing competitors in the market and social media tactics for increasing growth and exposure. 

Reflecting on my first week on placement, I have thoroughly enjoyed it and I am excited for the next 8 weeks. I feel confident going into my second week as I now have a stronger understanding of the business and how I need to operate the marketing and social media.