Placement Log Week 6

Monday 25th April – With the new product launch tomorrow, today I edited and scheduled social media content for the launch on Later. Louisa sent me her blog post on summer skincare tips so I turned this information into Instagram carousels.

Tuesday 26th April – Today was the launch of our new product. I posted on all social channel’s multiple times throughout the day to promote the new product. And I tracked and reshared all the content influencers posted of the product. I continued to create and edit social content. 

Wednesday 27th April – After the team call this morning, I read through the recent blog posts Louisa had written and took the content from these and turned them into social media posts. I continued to create TikToks and record voice overs and from this I was able to update the social tracker.

Thursday 28th April – I read part of Caroline Hiron’s Skin Care book which helped me build my knowledge on acids and skincare ingredients. I created informative TikTok’s and Instagram posts on these acids.

Friday 29th April– Continuing on from yesterday’s work I modified social media posts. I was feeling more confident in doing this due to previously educating myself on skincare ingredients in the past week. I was initially feeling concerned as I wasn’t too aware of specific acids in skincare but today I felt happy with the social media content I had created. I posted a piece of this content this evening on TikTok which received good engagement which was rewarding.

Week 6 Reflection:
This week on placement has been extremely educational and I value the information I have learnt this week. I feel much more confident producing skincare content as I have learnt expert knowledge regarding ingredients and product specifics. Initially I felt nervous about creating educational content for a skincare brand, however I have remained calm and confident and asked for help from the Be For Innovation team which has aided my success. This week has allowed me to realise the importance of communication and teamwork. My week wouldn’t have been successful if it wasn’t for the help, I received from my placement team. Their guidance and advice were crucial to the content I created and I now realise how necessary it is for good communication in business.