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Placement log Week 5

Tuesday 19th April – Today was focused on social media content. After the bank holiday weekend, I needed to update our social tracker with the insights and analytics from our posts over the past couple days. In 7 days’ time we are launching our new product, so I discussed with Sam when we should begin the product teasers on social media. After talking this through, I updated our social content calendar and began to create and schedule content for the new product launch. 

Wednesday 20th April – The past week I have been building our PR contact list for our new product launch. Due to some influencers that I previously contacted not responding, I contacted and engaged with more influencers today to build our contacts. This was successful as I discovered new skincare content creators who suit the brands target audience. I was able to direct message these influencers and receive their addresses, I added these addresses and influencer profile information to our spreadsheet.

Thursday 21st April – I began today by adding the final PR contacts to our spreadsheet. I then read an article on the top 30 skincare brands on social media, this was extremely interesting to see what brands are succeeding in the market. I investigated all the brands on social media and saved content that had high engagement as I will use this for inspiration when creating content for Clear Skin Days. From this I filmed product shots for TikTok and recorded my skincare routine using Clear Skin Days’ products. 

Friday 22nd April – Today I focused on social media content. I found trending sounds on TikTok and created skincare videos to these on trend sounds. I sent these over to Sam for approval and had no improvements to make which was great to hear. Using Canva and Photoshop, I created informative skincare Instagram posts. I researched what skincare products work best together and then visually created infographics to display this.

Week 5 Reflection:
After the long bank holiday weekend, I began this week feeling a bit overwhelmed with the work that had built up over the weekend. Due to us running promotions over social media over the long weekend, I had lots of posts and insights to look over and update on our social tracker. However, I by focusing on each social media app one by one I was able to organise the task and manage to understand the analytics of all our posts. By remaining calm and organised I was able to minimise feelings of stress.

I felt proud of my achievements this week and manager Sam noticed my hard work and thanked me for my efforts which felt rewarding. I managed to build our PR list and I have engaged with new influencers, and I am slowly growing the brand and increasing exposure. However, some social media posts this week haven’t all had high engagement. Some posts on Instagram have had small engagement which was disheartening. But I made an action plan to this problem and used different hashtags that were more niche so we could reach and attract our target audience. This was a beneficial tactic as our Instagram posts after this attracted more viewers and engagement.

I want to continue to build on social media engagement next week. With our new product launching next week, I need to ensure that our social media engagement is on top form. I aim to grow the following and exposure which will lead to increased sales and click through rates. This is how we will measure the success of our social media posts, through sales. 

Reflecting on this past week on placement, I have really enjoyed it and I have discovered that working on PR aspects in a company is something that strikes high interest for me. I am happy to have discovered this and from this I will complete a LinkedIn learning course on the basics of PR to build my skills and knowledge.