Placement Log Week 4

Monday 11th April – After setting myself a goal to increase social media engagement this week, I focused today on Instagram. I started by shotting content of our new skin product that is launching next week. I edited and planned this content and created drafts on TikTok so we are prepared for the launch. I then engaged with skincare influencers on Instagram and engaged with other brands to try to begin increasing engagement rates and awareness. I studied the analytics and insights on our social media channels to see what was working well and what wasn’t. I posted on Instagram and TikTok with trending content styles.

Tuesday 12th April – Yesterday’s social media posts received good engagement, which was great to see my hard work pay off. Today I focused on social media and looked at our analytics to see what content and hashtags was working successfully on social media algorithms, and what wasn’t working as effectively. I created a spreadsheet on Excel and noted down the hashtags used on each Instagram and TikTok post and what engagement each post received. 

Wednesday 13th April – I began with a meeting with Sam to discuss our social media strategy and what changes we should make to increase engagement. This was useful to get her expert opinion and to brainstorm new ideas for social media content creation. As well as focusing on increasing social media engagement, today I began collecting addresses of influencers and skincare content creators who we can gift our new product to. I searched TikTok for popular creators and contacted influencers to see if they would want to collaborate with Clear Skin Days.

Thursday 14th April – Today I continued to get in contact with influencers who we can send PR packages to. I received many addresses and discussed with Sam our budget for working with influencers with higher followings. As well as contacting influencers for PR, I also connected with many skincare influencers on Instagram and TikTok to begin to create more loyal relationships between brand and consumers. Due to the upcoming bank holiday weekend, where was have a spring sale on, I scheduled all social media posts for the weekend ahead so that our followers would be engaged with our 15% off sale.

Week reflection:
My main focus for this week was to increase social media engagement. Reflecting on the week and the content I published on Clear Skin Day’s social media, I am happy with the outcome. Achievements from this week include:

  • passing 1,500 followers on Instagram
  • gaining over 270 likes on an Instagram post (most liked on our Instagram page)
  • TikTok hitting over 2000 likes (most liked TikTok)
  • TikTok account hit over 10k likes

These achievements show the success of my hard work and how engagement on Clear Skin Day’s social media is improving. Views and followers on all social media channels are growing, my goal for next week is to continue this growth and exposure. 

I have enjoyed week 4 on placement as I have faced more positives than negatives. 

I partially struggled this week when I was set the task of contacting skincare influencers who we could send our new product to for the launch at the end of April. Many influencers didn’t respond to my message which was disheartening. However, I was resilient and carried on engaging with social media content creators and build loyal connections. Despite the challenges I faced trying to contact influencers, there was positives as many influencers did reply to me and I was able to add their contact information to our PR list. My resilience was a strength in this situation as without it I wouldn’t have been able to build our PR list. I am looking forward to the launch of our new product and to see all the influencers content. This will feel extremely rewarding for me.