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Placement Log Week 3

Monday 4th April – Today I finalised the list of UK influencers that we can send out PR packages to. I added their social media handles, followers count, contact details and what their content focuses on to an Excel spreadsheet. I edited and modified Instagram posts and TikToks. I discussed potential posts with Sam and she helped with editing the text to make it more precise and convincing. I found this useful and will take Sam’s advice forward for future posts.

Wednesday 6th April – At the end of April, Clear Skin Day’s is launching a new product. So today I focused on creating content for this new product. I focused on content for Instagram. I created promotional videos that can be posted as a product teaser, as well as educational posts to inform followers of the benefits of the product. I read many skincare blogs online to gain a better understanding of the ingredients in the new product. This improved my knowledge of skincare ingredients and will allow me to produce higher quality content.

Thursday 7th April – Over the previous days, I had been researching popular skincare brands on TikTok to see how they were using trending sounds. From this, I created TikTok’s for Clear Skin Days using trending sounds and filters, as well as incorporating the brand’s USP’s and key values into each video. After shooting all the content, I edited and added text and captions to all TikTok’s so they are all ready to post. I finished the day by posting on social media and engaging with skincare influencers on Instagram and TikTok.

Friday 8th April – I focused on updating the content planner for April and May, factoring in the Easter sale weekend and the launch of the new product. The content I made yesterday meant we have more content ready to be posted, so I planned this into our schedule. I summarised the information I gathered yesterday regarding the ingredients in our products and created educational Instagram posts to present the information. I ended the day by posting on TikTok and engaging with skincare influencers on Instagram.

Week Reflection:
I feel like I gained an even better insight into brand social media this week. From beginning to frequently post on social media channels, I have realised how challenging it can be to grow a following on social media due to the highly saturated market. One of my TikTok’s that I posted this week didn’t perform very well. This disheartened me and I felt annoyed that my hard work hadn’t been seen by many followers on TikTok. However, I stayed resilient and continued to post the next day. This post got higher engagement and better views, which made me feel more positive. Reflecting back on my emotions, I understand why I felt disheartened as I’m determined to grow Clear Skin Days social media, so it felt annoying to put lots of effort in and not get a big reward. However, this is an essential learning curve as not every piece of content can go successfully.

I’ve really enjoyed creating content this week. I feel like I am becoming more confident in my abilities to create content that is align with the brand and that follows current trends on social media. I’ve realised how important it is to stay on top of social media trends, especially as our target market is young adults who are the main consumers of these trends. 

After understanding how to operate social media from a brands point of view this week, next week I aim to build on this. I want to start to see our engagement rates on Instagram and TikTok increase. TikTok views currently on average get 300-500 views. I hope next week videos start to get over 500 views and we can begin to gain followers.