Spring Lip Loves

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Buxom Lip Cream ‘Dolly’
Stila Lip Glaze ‘pink Ice’
BarryM Lip Paint ‘140’
Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick ’17’
Natural Collection Lipstick ‘Caramel’

I absolutely love lip products, I always seem to be wanting more and will make up any excuse to myself to buy a new one. So I thought I would share my favourite lip products for spring!
Most of the lip products I own are probably suited for spring however for this post, I’m going to focus it on more of the pinker and brighter shades for the season and sadly move out of my comfort zone of nude shades!

Buxom Full-On Lip Cream ‘Dolly’;

I’m head over heels in love with this lip gloss and would even go as far to say it’s my favourite lip product! It is quite hard to purchase in the UK as it’s an American brand however it’s definitely worth a bit more money as it’s absolutely insane.
Firstly the formula is second to none, straight away when you apply it your lips tingle and it’s hard to explain but your lips get a cold sensation and my lips feel plump. (I’m really selling it aren’t I…) But I love the formula of it, it’s not sticky whatsoever and feels smooth and glossy on the lips. It does last for ages on the lips as well however it does come off very easily when eating but it does stay put on your lips for much longer than a usual gloss.
The shade I have is ‘Dolly’ which is a dark nude with a pink tone to it, yes basically the same shade of every other lip product I own. When swatched it does look quite faint however on the lips it gives a mauvy toned sheen which I love and I think is perfect for this season. I love wearing glosses in the spring and summer as I always tend to go for more natural makeup looks so I feel like a gloss just completes that natural, glowy look for summer.

BarryM Lip Paint ‘140’;

Okay before I get into this product, I’m certain you will all see the picture of this lipstick and the swatch and think ‘oh my gosh, there is no way that I’m ever going to get a lipstick as fluorescent as that. How the hell does she wear that lipstick?’ 
Well let me just clarify, it’s not as scary as it looks.
I got this lipstick in a goody bag at the Clothes Show at the end of last year and when I pulled it out of the bag hoping I’d got a perfect nude shade, I was completely blinded with this bright pink shade that looked liked that cheap pink lipstick you owned when you were 6. I thought this would be going straight in the bin however it’s a complete different story on the lips and I’ve got a lot of use out of it so far!
When on the lips it gives a natural sheen with a slight pink tone to it which I absolutely love. When wearing no makeup or simple makeup it’s perfect to whizz on and gives a healthy sheen to your lips whilst you feel like there is nothing there. I always wear it by itself however it makes a great combo when paired underneath a lip gloss or on top of a neutral lip stick. 
The lipstick is so balmy and creamy it just feels like a lip balm which makes it so comfortable to wear which is why I always reach for this lipstick. I would definitely try out more from this range as they are super moisturising and give such a pretty sheen!

Stila Lip Glaze ‘Pink Ice’;

This is fairly new product of mine however I’ve found it super easy to wear and thought it was perfect for this season as it has a pink tone to it.
In the tube it does look very pink however on the lips it gives a super shiny finish which I love when wearing this on it’s own. It’s also perfect to wear on top of other lip products, I love pairing it with a pinky lipstick as it makes the lipstick more subtle and gives a glossy finish with a bit more colour. When swatched it does look quite faint but when wearing on the lips the pink tone gives a pinky sheen which I could’t love more!
I love the finish it gives as it gives a natural glossy shine to the lips which is easy to wear for everyday use. At first I do find it quite sticky when applying but after a minute it doesn’t feel sticky at all and does feel quite balmy on the lips. I personally think this lasts for ages on the lips as well which is always a good sign!

Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick ’17’;

I absolutely love Kate Moss Lipsticks and this has to be my favourite shade of all because it’s a pinky nude but it’s perfect for spring as it’s a bit more pinkier than nude so looks bright on the lips. However it’s not too pinky so doesn’t look to extravagant on the lips and does look very natural on! This shade does has tiny flecks of shimmer however on the lips isn’t very noticeable so this doesn’t really bother me, it just gives a glossy shimmer. 
The main reason I love this lipstick is because of the formula of the product. It’s so creamy and moisturising on the lips and has never dried up on my lips. It has really good pigmentation as well, the shade on the lips looks exactly like the lipstick itself. It has a glossy and smooth creamy finish which does last on the lips. This lipstick does last for a good amount of time however I would say it does need re-applying in the day especially after eating however for a drugstore lipstick, I think it’s wonderful!
It’s definitely one of the best lip products from the drugstore and for £5.99 it’s a complete bargain!

Natural Collection Moisture Shine ‘Caramel’;

This lipstick has to be one of my favourites however I never wear it as often as I would like as I always seem to forget about it! But I think it’s the perfect shade for spring so I’m definitely going to be wearing it a lot this season.
This lipstick is from a Boot’s own range, and one reason why it’s even better is because of the price, it’s only £1.99! For £1.99 this lipstick is an absolute bargain and makes me love it even more!
The shade is a gorgeous rose gold which looks stunning on the lips. I love wearing it on it’s own as it gives a caramel shade sheen to your lips however I always use it on top of other products. It looks so pretty when worn on top of a pink lipstick as it gives a nude sheen and makes your lips look so healthy.

The lipstick is so moisturising and does feel like a balm on the lips. Also I absolutely love the finish to this lipstick, it gives a gorgeous shine to the lips and this shade gives a radiant glow. I would definitely recommend these lipsticks and for the price, you can’t go wrong! 

What are your favourite spring lip products?

Kate Xx

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