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I’m such a big stationery and homeware lover and I constantly seem to be buying new bits and bobs for my room as I love changing my room around and getting new accessories. I’ve bought a couple of little bits at the moment that I’ve feel completely in love with so I thought I’d share them with you as they’re all gorgeous pieces!

Sainsbury’s Marble Weekly Planner;

This has been my favourite purchase I’ve bought recently, I got it from Sainsbury’s which can I say have the most gorgeous stationery in at the moment. I literally wanted everything there so I’d definitely recommend going there if you want some cute stationery bits from files to diaries, Sainsbury’s is your place!
This weekly planner (similar one here) caught my eye straight away as I loved the marble print on the front and back of it. The design inside is simplistic which makes it easy to quickly write in and look at. On the front of each page there is a column for each day of the week and on the back a column for a ‘To-Do list’ and ‘Notes’. I love how the blank columns mean you can write whatever you want for each day, whether you want to write down what did or daily goals there is the perfect amount of space to write down whatever.
For £3.50 I think this was an absolute bargain and I love the ring-binder with the copper detail as it means it’s easy to stand up and you can’t beat copper detailing!

♡  Sainsbury’s Glitter Tape 3 Pack (link here);

This purchase was just a little necessity for me, I’ve always loved buying cute tape as it’s perfect to use for accessorising little bits in your house. But I also do GCSE Textiles and as part of course work I have to make A3 boards so having this tape is perfect to use for extra detail. Also I often do pages in my scrap book so adding glitter tape to your scrapbook pages looks gorgeous and who doesn’t love a bit of glitter anyway?
The three tapes are all sparkly and the glitter colours are gold, silver and copper and were £3 for the three, which I think is a really good price considering it’s really good quality and usually so hard to find! Also the glitter doesn’t transfer off which is a great pro as I’ve had tape before where the glitter transferred of which was such a big pain as I had glitter fingers for the next couple of days!

Dorkface Take Chances A4 Print Inspirational Quote;

As I’m sure many of you will know, the fabulous Jemma from Dorkface has an incredible Etsy shop which I’ve wanted to order from for ages and I’ve finally got round to it! The first thing I got was this gorgeous Take Chances A4 Print (linked here) which was a bargain of £4.50. It’s such a pretty print, I love the quote and I lurrvvee the purple and gold details on the white backing. 
This print caught me eye straight away as I loved the quote and I thought it was so original which is why I had to get it. I love the purple paint wash background  
I’m yet to buy a frame for this but I’m very excited to get it hung up instead of it being propped up on the side like it is at the moment!

Dorkface Spring Flower A5 Lined Notebook;

I’m a huge notebook lover and this notebook is now a new favourite of mine as it’s perfect for on the go. It’s very thin which is why it’s perfect to slide in your bag on the go however it still has plenty of pages in and so much room to write in. I love the design on this notebook as it suits this season so well as it’s bright and colourful and I love the pastel shades in it.  
On the back of the notebook it has the same flower design as well as ‘Dorkface’ written on the back which I really like as it’s a really pretty font and I actually think it suits the notebook so well. Unfortunately this notebook isn’t sold anymore but Jemma sells so many amazing things on her Etsy store so I would definitely check it out! 

 Primark ‘Enjoy Today’ Notebook;

As soon as I saw this in Primark, I knew I had to have it as I think it’s such a pretty notebook and a girl can never have too many notebooks, can she? I love the detailing on the front and back of the book, it has a white background but has a pink wash fading up the book. Then at the top says ‘Enjoy Today’ in gold writing. It’s a really simple notebook but one of my favourites! As well as on the side of the pages, they’re pink so around the outside of the book the pages look pink, which I think is such a pretty detail to it! 
I also find it super handy how it’s hardback as I use as my ‘blogging book’ so I write blog posts down and plan whats going up when which I tend to do on the sofa, so having a hardback means I don’t have to lean on anything so makes life 10x easier! And for £2.50, this was such a bargain from Primark!

Have you bought any stationery or homeware recently?

Kate Xx

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