I feel like I say the same thing every month but I cannot believe that tomorrow will be June! This year is going so fast and I’m currently on half term and then it will be my last term in school till summer which I think is crazy as it’s gone ridiculously fast!

I found it hard to get a couple of favourites for this month as I feel like I’ve tried so many new products and loved them all but these have to be my top favourites of this month!

Miss Sporty Studio Lash The Miaoww Eye Liner Black;

I normally steer clear from eyeliner as I’ve never ever been able to do it and I have so many different liners in my draw, I just don’t use them to go out in! But I’ve been experimenting recently with eye liners, trying to make it look decent with my non-existent eye liner skills. And I’ve been loving this eye liner from Miss Sporty, it’s super easy to apply and I would definitely recommend it to any beginners of eye liner, especially if you find it hard to apply. The liner itself is super black and does last for a very long time. I love how thin and long the liner is as I can easily apply it right on my lash line and the nib is so small which makes it simple to achieve a precise look. It dries matte and isn’t glossy and doesn’t smudge whatsoever so I’ve been super impressed with this eyeliner.
Also for £2.99 this is an absolute bargain and mine hasn’t seem to dry out at all so this is a definite love of the month for me.

LyDia Professional Eye Shadow Brush;

I bought this brush off Amazon (or you can buy it off their website here) at the start of this month after hearing such good reviews off my sister who loved it. And I’ve been using this brush constantly, it is so so good and I would never expect a cheap brush to be this good! It has a long handle which is perfect to hold and the brush itself is such good quality. The bristles are so soft and are the perfect shape and size for blending eyeshadow. It makes blending your eyeshadow so effortless and ever since I’ve bought this I’ve used it every time for my eyeshadow. I’m definitely going to be buying more brushes from this brand as I’m so impressed.
I have the Real Techniques eyeshadow brushes and I would go as far to say that this brush it better quality than them and I definitely prefer it to them, which I think is a big statement considering I always use my Real Technique eye brushes and love them. I cannot say how much I love this and if you’re going to buy something this June, buy this. Also for £2.35, you can’t go wrong!

Primark Bralettes;
I’ve been obsessing over these two bralettes recently, after buying one bralette from New York at the start of the year, I’ve been living in them as they are so comfy. And these two bralettes from Primark have been a recent purchase of mine that I’ve lived in all month. They are a pack of two bralettes from Primark that were £7 for two, one is white and the other is black. Primark have so many pretty bralettes in their stores at the moment and these ones have a gorgeous lace pattern on the top with a thin lining on the inside. They also have a small lace trimming at the bottom which I think looks so pretty.
I would definitely recommend these as they’re so cheap and especially in the hot weather they are so practical and comfy. 

Sleek Divine Eyeshadow Palette – The Original;

I’ve owned this palette for quite a while now and it’s never been a palette that I will always reach for as you can see it’s got quite bright shades in that I wouldn’t really wear for everyday use. However at this month, I’ve been practising with my makeup a lot and I thought I’d try and use some of these shades as I knew they’d always had great pigmentation. And I completely fell in love with the shades on the bottom row. They are so stunning on the eye and I think are perfect for this season as they’re bright and have shimmer but are still so wearable. My two favourite shades are the two on the bottom row, second and third in from the left. They are both pink-y toned however one is more lilac-y and the other is more bronzed.
I’ve been loving using these lighter shades from the palette as I’ve been wearing lighter pink-y shades at the moment and I have no other shades like these.

 Harry Styles’ Album;

You all probably saw this one coming but I’ve been absolutely in love with Harry’s album. I was going to love Harry’s album no matter what it was like, I mean he could have sang nursery rhymes and I would have loved it. However I was not expecting Harry’s album to be so incredible! I didn’t really know what to expect when I first listened to it as I knew it would be nothing like One Direction’s music but I think it is such an insane album. All of his songs are so different and there is not one song that I don’t like.
My favourites have to be Woman, Caroline and Only Angel but then I also love Meet Me In The Hallway and Sweet Creature, oh and Kiwi (omg). I basically love the whole album and his voice is just incredible and I think the album is just truly beautiful. Also I love how you can see how truly happy he is when he performs.
Also don’t even get me started on how good his Carpool Karaoke was , I could talk about it for ages and he was rocking that Gucci floral shirt!!!

Music Favourites;

Harry Style’s album (of course)
Bad Liar – Selena Gomez
Malibu – Miley Cyrus
Water – New Hope Club

There’s Nothing Holding Me Back – Shawn Mendes
FourFiveSeconds – Rihannah, Kayne West & Paul McCartney (such a good throwback tune)
Rollin – Calvin Harris
Rose-Coloured Boy – Paramore

What’s been one of your favourites this month?

Kate Xx

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