Why I Love Blogging

I feel like my blog is a part of me now, when I first started writing weekly which was around November 2016 my blog just felt impersonal and something I was just trying out. Now I feel like I’ve come so far with it and definitely proved myself wrong and I find it hilarious looking at my old blog posts as they are absolutely horrendous!

 The People;
The blogging community is actually the best, I’ve found some amazing people from my blog and it’s gave me so much more confidence in myself. If you asked me a year ago if I would make a conversation with someone I’ve never talked to on Twitter then I would have laughed in your face and told you there would be no chance of that. But now I will talk to anyone and everyone on Twitter (not like weird people though (if you get me)) as everyone is so friendly and lovely! 

I’ve made so many great friends from my blog that are the loveliest people ever and I hope that one day I would be able to go to a blogging event but that all depends on how confident I’m feeling (if I even have any confidence?).

♡  Helping People;

I really wouldn’t say I’m a ‘pro’ at blogging however I’ve helped a handful of people when it comes to having a blog which really makes me feel proud and definitely boosts my confidence. At first when I saw an email from someone asking me for help on a blog I was like ‘why are they asking me out of all people?!’ but now I love helping people out! It definitely makes me feel proud of myself when I help someone out and I’d never thought I would help people out when it comes to blogging as most of the time I can’t even figure it out myself!

♡  Improved My Writing Skills;

I’ve always loved writing however I’ve never been particularly good at it but I feel that writing on my blog quite often has meant my writing quality has improved. I never have to stop and think about what I’m writing, it just tends to flow out which is probably one of the reason why my writing is such a mess but I love sitting down and writing away. I really hope my writing will continue to improve as I read other peoples blogs and always think ‘how do they write so well’ and I hope one day my writing will be as good as quality.

♡  Reading Other Blogs;

As well as making friends with many other fellow bloggers, I love reading so many other peoples blogs. Before my blog I only read a couple of blogs regularly however now I read so many and I love finding new blogs and reading literally all their posts (does anyone else do that when they find a new blog, or is it just me?). Also I love finding small blogs when you can truly see how much effort they put into it and it inspires me as well when I read blogs that are much better than mine as it makes me want to try and improve as much as I can!
However the only downside is, it makes me add a lot of things to my shopping list if someone else writes a good review about it on their blog as I think I NEED it if it’s a good product!

 I’ve Learnt So Many New Skills;
When I started my blog I was constantly watching YouTube videos to try and figure out what I was trying to do and my I.T skills are pretty non-existent so I was pretty hopeless however I feel like I’ve learnt a lot of skills when it comes to my blog. I recently changed the whole layout of my blog which I’m very happy with however when I was trying that I was so scared that it wouldn’t work and I was just ‘experimenting’ so if it went wrong, I would have been screwed. Fortunately it worked perfectly which makes a change for me but I would never have thought I’d be editing code and html (whatever it’s called) for my blog as I have no clue what it all means.

♡  Gained Confidence;

I have no confidence whatsoever however my blog has definitely given me a boost and although I’m still the shy person I’ll always be, I feel like my blog has given me some confidence. I’ve lost a lot of my confidence in the last year or two and I’ve become more of a quieter person in my opinion but sometimes I feel like I lead a double life on my blog. Sounds cringey but I feel like I can be myself on my blog as only my close family know about my blog and I feel like I’m not being judged as if my friends found out about my blog, I’d feel really judged and not as comfortable. But yeah, got a bit off track but I definitely think I’ve gained more confidence in myself and I am proud of myself.
However I’m still working on getting some more confidence so I can go out more to take some outfit shots as my drive doesn’t really hit the mark…


My blog has definitely made me more organised and manage my time a bit better. I’m still not amazing as I often realise that I’ve forgot to take blog photos for a post that is going up the next day however I would have never imagined I’d be posting twice a week, every week as although it doesn’t seem a lot, I think it can be quite hard especially when you have a busy week. Also I’m trying to become more organised with my blog as I don’t want to have to stop posting when it comes to my exams so I’m going to try and prepare as many blog posts as I can for the future.

 It Gives Me Something To Look Forward To;

There’s nothing I love more than writing blog posts as I feel like I could write for hours about anything and everything and although my blog pictures are not very good, I love taking them as I like messing around with lighting and seeing what works best. I love brainstorming ideas for my blog as I try and get a range of posts on my blog and I love when I have a new idea and I tend to get way too excited about a post that I look forward to writing. 
I don’t know what I used to do without my blog as now when I have free time, I’ll go straight to my blog and I do that automatically now. I always try and do my homework as quick as possible so I can spend longer on my blog and writing more posts. 

Why do you love blogging?
Kate Xx

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