17 Goals For 2017

We all can admit to setting new year goals that are way to adventurous and we might keep it doing for the first week and then it all goes to pot.
This year I am setting realistic goals that I am making myself to keep to and at the end of 2017 I want to look back on this post and see how well I have done.
 I know 17 goals might sound stupid but I have made them easy and achievable if I put my mind to it.

♡Be Positive;
I am always quite negative in some situations and we all focus on the bad things more than the good things. So this year I want to have a positive attitude and if things go wrong or not to plan, I won’t stress, I will move on and learn from my mistakes. And I think being positive will make me lead a happier day to day life.

♡Read A Book A Month;

I love reading and getting lost in a book is something I love as it feels like your somewhere else and makes me so relaxed. So this year I am going to read at least one book for every month of the year. I know I will really love doing this and it will also improve my English a bit better (hopefully!). And hopefully I can do a monthly blog post on the book!

♡Run A 10K;

I got into running in 2016 and the most I have ran is just over a 5K which was hard for me as I am not the best runner but I was so proud of myself and proved myself wrong. This year I want to build up my running and be able to run double what I can now, which at the moment seems impossible as I struggle to do a 5K. But fingers crossed I can do it.

♡Don’t Stick To My Basics;

Every time I do my makeup, I will always just reach for my everyday products and not use my other products that I only use when I remember. But this year I am going to try and use everything I have and try not to buy as much (that probably won’t happen!). 
Especially with lip products as I have many different lip products and a range of shades but I always reach for my usual nude shade which I hate myself for as I have so many other products that I forget about.

♡Drink More Water;
I do drink quite a lot of water as it is however I still want to make more of an effort to drink a little bit extra than usual. My aim is to have a glass of water in the morning with my breakfast and another extra glass in the evening. These two extra glasses of water will hopefully make an improvement to my skin and lifestyle!

♡Switch Off The Phone;
I always stay on my gadgets way too late at evenings so this year I want to make a conscious effort to try and not go on my gadgets before going to bed. I have always known it is bad for you however I always continue to do it but hopefully if I make it a habit then it won’t be a problem.

♡Work Hard;
I always make sure I work hard, in school and out of school. But this year as I am having to do more ‘serious’ work in school, I really want to do as well as I can. I really want to put all my effort into school and make myself revise when I should, instead of watching YouTube….

♡Use My Camera;
Photography is something I have always loved and it is what I want to do when I am older however I haven’t used my camera as much as I have wanted to in 2016. This year I am going to take every opportunity I have to take my camera out with me and be snap happy!

♡Help Out More At Home;

I always do help around the house but I want to start doing some more jobs especially when I am just sat down doing nothing. I think this will make me feel better about myself as I know that I have been helpful in the day!

♡Eat Healthy Food;
I do tend to eat healthy, I always make sure I eat plenty of fruit and vegetables but especially in the school holidays, my eating is horrendous! So I want to make sure this year I eat well all throughout the year.

♡Save Money;
Of course I love a good splurge sometimes and yes I am not going to stop doing that because it makes me very happy! But I really do want to save my money. Recently I have been saving for a camera but it has made me realise how much stuff I have bought that was so not necessary! So this year I am going to be a sensible shopper and only buy what I need.

♡Be Careful With My Phone;
If you read my What I Got For Christmas then you will know I have got a new phone and my aim is not to drop it! I am so clumsy, it’s ridiculous so my aim is not to smash it or drop it down the loo!

When I had an Ipod, I completely smashed that then dropped it down the toilet . Then with my old Iphone, I dropped it (on the 5th day of having it) and got the screen repaired then dropped it again! So this might be a hard aim…

♡Moisturise More;
This may sound so stupid but I always forget to moisturise my body. I religiously moisturise my face with no problem but I always forget to moisturise my body. So my aim this year is that every time I come out of the shower I will moisturise as I do tend to get very dry skin especially on my arms and legs so hopefully I will see a very good improvement in my skin.

♡Use The Library;
As I want to start reading more, I am going to start to try and use the library. I have a library around 5 minutes away from my house so it will save me money whilst being good for my community! Also it’s a good way to find a book that you wouldn’t have found online.

♡Watch The Sunset Or Sunrise;
This is actually on my bucket list but I really want to do it this summer. Wake up early and go out to the beach with my camera and sit there watching the sunrise. I just think it would be a moment I would remember forever and I could take some amazing photos.

♡Post On Instagram Frequently;
On my Instagram for my blog I really want to start posting more regularly on it as at the moment I barely use it. I hope I can look back in a years time and think how awful it was now!! 

♡Build My Blog;
This is one of the main goals I want to do. I only started my blog halfway through 2016 and although it is still very small, it has improved so much! I have so many plans for this year with my blog so keep and eye out as I hope it will be a good year!

What are your goals this year?
Kate Xx
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