New year, Same Me!
I hate and love a new year.

It’s great because it does make me determined to start afresh however just because it’s a new year it doesn’t mean that everyone changes!
I am hoping to have a fun 2017 but I am going to make sure I work hard and hopefully that will pay off to lead to many good times.

Also I would just like to say such a big thank you to everyone who has read my blog, it means so much to me and I really hope my blog will improve this year and I am so so excited to see what will happen!

But using the new year as an excuse, I am going to be posting everyday for all of this week because I really wanted to (and withdraw symptoms from blogmas!) and I thought the new year would be a good excuse.

So for this week (today till next Sunday) I will be posting at 5pm everyday. I will be posting about my New Year Goals and lots of things positive! I hope you will all enjoy this week and it will give you motivation to make 2017 an amazing year!

I hope everyone has had a lovely new year and spent it having fun! And I hope everyone has the most amazing year and enjoys every second of it.
Sorry that this was a small post but I have a week full of posts coming up for you!

Kate Xx

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