Looking Back On 2016

Dragged on forever but at the same time flew by.

Looking back on the year, I have had such a good year so in this post I am going to share my highlights of the year as I feel like I have had such a good year full of fun!

♡January- Month Of Nothing;

I honestly am completely clueless about what happened in January! So it must have been a great month… (Let’s just start on February)

February- Spain;

This was my first time abroad without my family as I went with my school and it was such a good time with my best friends as well as an experience I will remember forever. 
We went to Andalusia in Spain and the weather was lovely, so sunny and hot but not too hot for being out for the whole day! We got lots of freedom on the trip so although some aspects were hard as I am not that good at speaking Spanish but it was so nice walking around small villages with my two of my best friends. It felt like we were on our own girly holiday!
(And also Mac was at Duty Free so of course I treated myself!)

♡March- Improved My Makeup;
Looking back on March I didn’t do much but in photos my makeup definitely improved and I think this was a lazy month where I just experimented with products! Least something good came out of doing nothing!!

♡April- London Marathon;

In April me and my family had a weekend in London as my Dad did the marathon. This is such a happy memory as I was so proud and I also got to go to the V&A on the day before which I love.

(This photo took so many attempts it was ridiculous!!)

♡May- Blog Started;
Although my first post was in April, in May I started researching how to start a blog and spent most of the month on my laptop trying to start LuxeKate! I am so glad I did this as I am having the best time on my blog and overall my blog is probably my years highlight!

♡June- Day On The Beach;
I remember this day so clearly as it was a highlight of my summer! Me, my sister and two of our close friends went down to the beach with a picnic and spent the day there having tons of fun! The weather was lovely however the only downside, I completely fried in the sun and ended up burnt everywhere (it was worth it though)!

♡July- Uncle’s Wedding;
This was my first ever wedding and it was such a lovely experience. I got to see my cousins who I hadn’t seen in years and I got to wear a lovely dress and I was lucky enough to get my hair and makeup done.
I will always remember this weekend away and is one of my best family memories.

♡August- Vogue Exhibition;

I am a big fashion girl and always read Vogue. This exhibition celebrating 100 years of Vogue was amazing. It also inspired me so much as I would like to be a fashion photographer when I am older so this was so so perfect for me! I would do anything to go and see this exhibition again. I also did a blog post on it as it inspired me to do a feature wall, read here!

♡September- Fusion Festival;

On the last couple of days of the summer holidays me and my best friends went to Fusion Festival together and it was amazing. We upgraded to the ‘golden circle’ and it was incredible, although we almost lost our voices singing to Tinie Tempah! This is one of my best memories of the year and I just remember being so grateful for being there and I smiled and laughed for the whole day!

♡October- London;

I love London and this was my third time there this year! In October I went with school to London and it was such a great day! I loved looking at the fashion exhibitions and was definitely a highlight to my year! To see more on this day you can read my post here.

♡November- Kenzo Top;
Yes, a top is my highlight of the year. (promise I do actually have a life…)
Seriously I didn’t get up to much in November but this beauty of a top was my best bit of November. My Mum and Dad treated me to it and I have been obsessed with it ever since. It is so stylish and looks amazing paired with anything.
And if you want to see more of this top, here is a post on it!

♡December- Christmas;
I always do lots in December so I just thought I would wrap it up with Christmas! I love Christmas in so many ways and I loved it this year. I had a very relaxed Christmas with my family and I really appreciated everything. What a lovely end to the year!

What was your main highlight of 2016?
Kate Xx
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