£3.99 Dupe For Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish


I absolutely love skincare but absolutely hate spending most of my money on skincare so although I love the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, the price always puts me off so I was very excited when I found this dupe which works just as good!
I have to thank my Mum for this one as she bought me this cleanser and I pretty much laughed at it as I thought it would never work for my skin and I wasn’t expecting much from this at all. However I used it just to see and I was so impressed so of course my first thought was I HAVE to do a blog post on this.

So the fabulous dupe is the Lacura Hot Cloth Cleanser from Aldi and is a bargain of £3.99 which is only a fraction of the price which you pay for Liz Earle. The Aldi cleanser is £3.99 for 200ml compared to £28 from Liz Earle for 200ml, ridiculous I know!

This Aldi Hot Cloth Cleanser is exactly like the Liz Earle Cleanser, the smell and formula are basically twins and they both give the same outcomes to my skin. I always loved the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish because of how creamy and soothing the formula was and the Aldi one is literally the same! It’s creamy and smooth and leaves your skin feeling like silk and super moisturised.

The formula of this cleanser is thick and creamy which I love as it feels rich and is so soothing, especially with the refreshing smell. After cleansing and applying moisturiser my skin feels so moisturised and fresh and has definitely helped to reduce the pimples and redness on my cheeks.
The Aldi Hot Cloth Cleanser also comes with a muslin cloth which is very good quality and I actually prefer it to the Liz Earle cloth as it’s a bit bigger.
I cannot spot any difference between the two cleansers when it comes to the formula and actual cleanser, they both work just as well and I enjoy using them both as much as each other and with the humongous price difference, it’s pretty clear which cleansers in the lead!

I also investigated into the ingredients of both cleansers and they literally both have the exact same ingredients in which just proves how they will both work just as good as each other. There is a couple of ingredients at the bottom of the lists that are different however all the main ingredients in the cleanser are exactly the same and are both can be used my vegetarians and vegans which I love. And it shows that the price for the Liz Earle is definitely over priced as they both have the same ingredients near enough so the Aldi cleanser is winning!

My only concern with this cleanser is that when I applied my hydrating serum after using it, my skin got a burning sensation which did pass after 30 seconds however it did make me feel like my skin could react. However it did still leave my skin smooth and moisturised and this hasn’t happened again so maybe my skin was just having a bad day!

However overall I was so impressed with this cleanser and I would never even think of buying the Liz Earle classic now as I know this works just as well, if not better and it’s a complete no-brainer with the price. I would 110% recommend to try this out, especially if you’re a big Liz Earle lover as it’s worked so well for me and it just shows never to judge a cleanser by it’s brand!

Kate Xx 

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