This post got me going crazy, it felt like I was trying to solve a puzzle and it definitely got me questioning to which makeup products are more needed than others!
I made this makeup look super natural and I think this would be perfect for everyday wear that would be so quick and easy.

First off I took my Rimmel BB Cream which is quite an old product of mine however it does give good coverage and I love the look of it. I actually hand’t used it in a while but after using it for this look I’ve fell back in love with it! It does claim it’s matte but I wouldn’t say it is at all, it has more of a satin finish in my opinion!
I blended this in with my Spectrum Beauty Blender and blending the BB cream in with a damp beauty blender which gives a more natural and glowy look.

I next took my Sleek Contour Kit which is in the lightest shade and I absolutely love this as the formula of all the shades are so creamy and so easy to blend out to give a natural look.
So I took the first two light shades together (first two on the left, top row) and blended these two shades out under my eyes for coverage and highlight. I blended this out with my damp beauty blender and it overall gave the perfect amount of highlight under my eyes and works with the BB cream so well.
I then mixed the two contouring shades from the Contour Kit again (which were the first two shades to the left on the bottom row) and I applied this with a small oval brush under my cheekbone to sculpt and bronze. I blended this out with my sculpting brush which gave a gorgeous bronze and is actually so quick and easy.
I didn’t blend it out too precisely though as I wanted it to bronze my face up more than sculpt and contour. And then I also took the same two shades again super lightly on the top of my forehead for a subtle bronze.
After bronzing I went back in with the highlighting shade from before and blended this out on my cheekbones, forehead, nose and chin to highlight and lighten them areas.

Moving onto eyes I then used my Freedom Pro Eyebrow Kit in light/medium and took the taupe-y blonde shade (top right corner) lightly on my brows to give shape and definition. This is super natural and only takes me a minute to do as the powder is so quick and practical, as well I didn’t make my brows too precise which makes it even easier!

For my eyes, I wanted a little bit more definition so I took the first contour shade (first on the bottom left) from the Sleek Contour Kit again and blended this out in my crease and fully out to open my eye out. I then also took the lightest shade from the contour palette and blended this in my inner corner to brighten my eye up and this finished the eye off so well and kept it super simple which suited the whole look.

I then used my all time favourite which is the Maybelline Lash Sensation Mascara on my top and bottom lashes which I absolutely love on my lashes and I could never choose 5 products without choosing this!
Then to finish this look off, I took my I Heart Makeup Lip Lava in Molten which is a gorgeous salmon nude liquid lipstick which I think suits this bronzy look so well.

I really enjoyed creating this look as I did find it so hard to choose but I think the look turned out so well and I’ll definitely create it again when I need a simple, bronzed look!

What would your five products be?
Kate Xx

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