I’m still questioning how it’s already the end of April and we are going into May, MAY?
I feel like April has dragged on but then it’s only feels like the end of February a couple of days ago! But anyway, I feel like I’ve has quite a busy month as I had two weeks Easter holiday and then exams in school and it’s just whizzed by!
I feel like I haven’t has that many favourites this month however the ones I’ve included in this post have been my definite faves this month.

Miss Sporty Foundation Stick;

I’ve previsouly mentioned this foundation stick on my blog which you can read more about here. However I’ve been using this so often recently as it’s so quick to apply and gives a natural base perfect for everyday use. The foundation isn’t high coverage however gives coverage perfect for everyday and is so buildable so it doesn’t look cakey if you build the foundation up.
I love blending it out with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush as it gives the best coverage and honestly takes 30 seconds to blend out and the foundation also works so nicely with my beauty blender giving a dewy look. I have it in the shade 001 ‘Real Ivory’ which is the perfect shade for me. They don’t offer a huge range of shades however the ones they do offer are very good.
Also this foundation is only £3.99 which is an absolute bargain of a price and especially compared to other drugstore foundations which can be around £8-£12.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer ‘Fair 1’;
I’ve always had a love hate relationship with this concealer however after giving it another go and getting the right shade, I’ve been loving it at the moment. When I first tired it, I had shade 2 which was way too orange toned for me and I found it really didn’t blend in well which I think was mainly down to the wrong shade. However after getting shade 1, it’s worked so much better. I use it under my eyes to highlight and conceal which it works so well. 
I love using this under my eyes as firstly the wand is the perfect shape and size so is easy to apply right under my eyes. As well as I love the formula as it is very long lasting and doesn’t crease under my eyes at all. This is the perfect shade for me however I would say they do need a bigger shade range as there is only four shades on offer which isn’t a lot. I’ve been using it all throughout this month and I’m definitely going to be re-purchasing this as the consistency is perfect and it’s the perfect shade! And this concealer is another bargain from the drugstore of only £4.

Nivea Express Hydration Primer;

This has been a recent purchase of mine and after seeing many people love it and having the driest skin on the planet, I thought I’d give it a go! I apply it with my fingers or sometimes my stippling brush which works really well. I find a little goes a long way and I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my makeup. My makeup does last much longer than usual as I had much more coverage in my makeup by the end of the day than usual. Also when I take my makeup off my skin feels moisturised and hydrated which I think is all down to this primer. My skin doesn’t feel dry when underneath my makeup when I wear this so this is for sure a new firm favourite for me!

Harry Styles;
*takes a deep breath to get ready to spill her heart out on this paragraph*
Okay, Harry Styles is my overall life favourite but April has been a hell of a good month for me when it comes to Harry Styles. I absolutely love Sign Of The Times, it’s such a beautiful song and oh my actual god, his voice!! I was crying at his performance on the Graham Norton Show, as firstly his outfit was just heaven and in his performance he looked so happy as he was smiling to himself when he was singing and it just made my heart melt! Also I love his band as well, they just seem so nice and the women on the drums is so good!
I could be here for ages and I could probably write a whole bible about how excited I am for his album (bring on May 12th) beacause I can speak about Harry for my whole entire life and never get bored.
However before I go off on one (not that I already am), I’m absolutely in love with his new song Ever Since New York when he performed it on the Jimmy Fallon Show. I really have to try and contain myself when he sings them high notes…
Oh and of course, Harry hadn’t killed my enough already in April so he releases that he’s GOING ON A FRICKIN TOUR!!! I’ve never seen One Direction live (after hours of trying to get tickets), so I’ve already got my fingers crossed that I”l be able to get tickets!!

Girl Boss;
If you read my Life Update post you will know that I’ve been watching Girl Boss on Netflix and I only finished the series yesterday and I loved it so much! There is only one series which consists of 13 episodes which are all around 20 minutes long. If you haven’t heard of the story line, it’s based on Sophia Amoruso’s business which is where she sold vintage clothes on Ebay and then it escalated into her having her own business which is now worth millions. In the episodes it showed how she faced problems and how she over came them. 
It’s a really easy to watch drama and I found it so funny but also makes you really determined to believe in what you’re doing and don’t let anyone stop you. I would definitely watch it as I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every episode, also I’m really tempted to buy the book now as I find it so interesting and I would love my own business when I’m older!

Music Faves;
I’ve been really liking my playlist at the moment so I thought I’d just leave my favourite songs here as I’ve been listening to them all this month!

Sign Of The Times – Harry Styles (didn’t see that one coming did you?)
On My Mind – Disiciples
Symphony – Zara Larson
Heatsroke – Calvin Harris
Despacito – Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee ft. Justin Bieber
Blem – Drake
Twice – Catfish and the Bottlemen
Middle Of The Night – The Vamps
I’m The One – DJ Khaled

What has been on of your favourites this month?

Kate Xx

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