BLOGMAS Day 2: Christmas Pamper Essentials

I love to be pampered up in the winter and feeling fresh and hydrated especially with the cold weather. I make sure my skin is top priority.
So in this post I am going to be telling you about my favourite products I use for a good pamper night!


I have to make sure I have a thick and creamy moisturiser in December, as the cold winds make my skin a bit rough and red. So I have been using the Nivea Sensitive Day Cream which is for dry and sensitive skin. It is very think and creamy and I love the fell of it when I massage it in. Also it has spf 15 in which I love to see in a moisturiser.

It has definitely decreased the redness on my face and keeps my face moisturised for the whole day. For sure an important product that I use everyday.

Lip Balm-

Like my skin, my lips tend to get very dry so I like to keep them moisturised and protected from the cold weather. I have recently been using my Nivea Lip Butter which I have been loving as it’s extremely balmy and thick. I have been using the Original one however there is a couple other lovely smelling flavours.

I like to apply a thick layer on my lips and completely leave it until it’s gone (like a mask!). This makes my lips regain moisture after a long day. Or on the other hand, I can just apply a small layer in the morning which will last all day. It is definitely a winter essential that you need.

Zoella Candy Cream Softening Body LotionBody Lotion-

I have been obsessing over the Zoella Candy Cream Body Lotion recently. I will always use it after a shower or bath and it leaves my skin feeling so smooth and soft. It has ‘bursting beads’ in which I particularly like as I feel like they provide more moisture to my body. This cream also smells incredible as all Zoella products!

I find that this does need a firm massage however is worth the end results as it is never sticky and this is probably my favourite body lotion.

Hand Scrub-

I honestly do not know where to start with this. It works absolute wonders! It is the L’Occitane One Minute Shea Hand Scrub. I don’t use this enough but when I do it’s insane! It makes my hands feel so so so smooth, honestly I just want everyone to experience how soft it makes your hands after just one use!
I use the little spoon that comes with it and only use a little bit and scrub it in for just over a minute and when it wash it of, oh my! My hands feel incredibly smooth and I spend about 2 minutes stroking them! Also like all L’Occitane products, it’s smells heavenly.

Hand Cream-

You can’t have a hand scrub without a hand cream so of course I had to include the Soap & Glory Hand Food. I have tried so many hand creams but this is my all time fave. I love the smell to start with and the formula of it is perfect for me. It keeps my hands moisturised for ages and is something I will always have handy.

They are my top 5 favourite pamper products, I think they are all perfect for December and would also make a cute little present for someone if you made them a pamper hamper! 
All these products are super affordable and I would be lost without them!

What’s your favourite pamper product?

Kate Xx

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