BLOGMAS Day 3: The Best Things About December

December is hands down my fave month and the best time of the year, so therefore I had to do a post dedicated to this glorious month, and I’m going to jump right in to it…

 1. Decoration;  I just love going out in December and seeing your local Christmas tree up or sparkling lights on lampposts. I love festive decoration as it makes you feel all christmassy and happy! 

2. Food;  Christmas food is just the best. I admit that I definitely just eat way too much at Christmas but why waste the good food! I absolutely love pigs in blankets and it would not be Christmas without them!

3. Christmas Cake;  Christmas Cake is way too god to be included in food in general! I absolutely love Christmas Cake! Honestly if you haven’t tried it, try it this year. I love the taste of it and would happily eat it all year round if I could.

4. Christmas Trees;  Christmas tree’s just make your room look so much 
better. Whatever you decorate your Christmas tree with it will always look good. Buying a new pack of colour coordinated baubles and fairy lights. And of course it’s never complete with the chocolate decorations hanging on it!

5. Candy Canes;  I looove candy canes so much! It’s always one thing I always look forward to at Christmas as they feel very seasonal to eat but I love the taste! Personally I think that it’s definitely not Christmas if you don’t have a candy cane or two.

6. Christmas Shopping;  What’s a better excuse to shop? I am a person who loves buying gifts for other people so I love buying Christmas presents for people, even better when I actually have money! I think going out to buy a present for someone that you know they will love so much, is the best feeling. I love buying presents for 
my Mum and Dad as it’s so lovely to see them open it on Christmas day and you always get the best feeling when you see someone loving their present.

7. Weather; This is my favourite season of the year as I love to wrap up warm and personally I think it is the best time of the year for fashion. Wearing boots with your favourite pair of jeans and jumper with a scarf wrapped all the way around you is something December is all about!

8. Cosy Evenings In;  Not like I go out in summer anyway!! I love cuddling up with your blanket and a big mug of hot chocolate, whilst watching a film or a tv show. Also even better when the fires lit.

9. Advent calendars;  Starting from the start of December everyone is counting down them 25 days which will either drag on or whizz past you so quickly! I love advent calendars as in my house we have a big Christmas Tree with the advent pockets in and as soon as that comes up, I just get so excited! Also what a perfect excuse to eat chocolate in the morning! 

10. Christmas Day;  The best day of the year. Hands down. I love everything about the 25th of December. Everyone’s happy, I see all my family, eat lots of food, give presents to loved ones, receive something you absolutely love and so much more! The list never stops.

What do you love about December?

Kate Xx

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