Favourite Autumn Lipsticks

 I’m sure most of you will know from all my other posts featuring a lip product, I love a nude shade and I always reach for my typical nude shades because you can never go wrong! But my aim for this season is to wear a darker lip more as I always see others pulling off a dark lip and if you’re going to do it, you’re going to do it in autumn! I’ve picked out my five favourite ‘darker’ lip products for this post which I think are perfect for this season and will likely be the ones I’ll be wearing this autumn and winter.

And I only realised after I took these photos that I haven’t included a gloss in this post which is shocking as a gloss is my favourite lip product but I don’t own a dark gloss and I tend to stick to my nude glosses all year round so I’ll have to look for a specific autumn gloss!

Swatches (Top to Bottom);

 – Mac Lip Tensity Lipstick ‘Burnt Violet’
 – No7 Lip Balm ‘Deep Raspberry’
 – MUA Matte Lipstick ‘Fawn Fancy’
 – Kiko Smooth Temptation Lipstick 06

– Tarte Tartiest Lip Paint ‘Birthday Suit’

♡  Mac Lip Tensity Lipstick ‘Burnt Violet’;
This is one of the darkest lip products I own and one of the many lip products I don’t wear in public. I received this lipstick in a goody bag and was a little bit disappointed considering I only tend to wear nudes. However it’s my aim this season to wear it outside as I think with the right makeup and applying it lightly, it could maybe work! The shade is a dark violet but when lightly dabbed on it looks more of a lighter shade which I prefer as it’s more subtle. The product itself is super smooth and creamy and the shade does stay on for quite a long time however it does loose it’s glossiness quite quickly. However I’ve found when applying it, it can go a little bit patchy but after dabbing it in it’s fine and looks even so I don’t know if that’s more down to the dark shade or the formula. But it’s super balmy and feels luxurious on the lips so if you like a dark plum lip then I’d definitely recommend this one. 

N07 Lovely Lips Lip Balm ‘Deep Raspberry’;
I only pulled this out of my draw the other day as I put it away from summer thinking it was a really dark shade however I tried it and it’s not which is surprising due to how dark the product looks. But this is basically a tinted lip balm however is still perfect for autumn as it is a dark pinky red shade however due to it being a lip balm it’s not too bold, think of it like pouring water in Ribena (yes I did just compare a lip stick to Ribena…). So as it’s a lip balm formula it’s super balmy and doesn’t feel like you’re wearing any lip product on your lips. It glides on and applies evenly to your lips and although it’s a dark shade, it doesn’t look bold or bright so perfect for a more natural deep lip.

Mua Matte Lipstick ‘Fawn Fancy’;
This £1 dupe for the famous Velvet Teddy by Mac is perfect for this season as it’s a dark burnt brown shade which is so suited for this season. I’m not a matte girl myself so I don’t tend to go for matte shades that often however I wear them more in autumn and this is the lipstick that I tend to reach for. For £1 this lipstick has a great long-lasting formula and doesn’t dry your lips out or feel drying on. It applies really easily on your lips and is comfortable to wear all day long.
I actually did a post about this compared to the Mac Velvet Teddy but I’d rather not link it considering it was back in the day when I’d started blogging and took my photos with the flash on up close…  And if you saw my Instagram story yesterday then you would have saw that I accidentally bent this lipstick somehow so I’ll have to buy a new one but for only £1 it won;t be breaking my bank! 

Kiko Smooth Temptation Lipstick 06;
I’m sure I’ve mentioned this product before on my blog as I have a couple of the shades and the formula of this product is to die for! This shade is the darkest of the shades I have and is the one I’ve worn the least however I think I’m going to get quite a lot of wears out of it this season. The shade is like a dark mauvy shade which is my ideal autumn shade as it’s a deep shade but still not too out there. I’ve rekindled my love for this since writing this post as I forgot how much I love this shade and I definitely know this will be my go-to shade,
And the formula of this is so so so creamy and luxurious which makes it so comfortable to wear. It glides onto your lips and stays put if you don’t eat or drink otherwise it’s gone in seconds however it’s the easiest thing to re-apply! And the slim packaging means it can easily slip in your pocket when you’re on the go or in a small bag.

Tarte Tarteist Lip Paint in ‘Birthday Suit’;

They do say that the best things come in small packages and this is definitely the case with this mini Tarte Tarteist Lip Paint which I received as a free gift from Sephora. I firstly love the shade of this as it’s not my usual shade as when worn it’s more of a browny nude shade which I sometimes find quite hard to pull of with my skin tone however with the right makeup it does kind of suit me! I’d say it’s perfect for this season as although it is nude shade it is quite dark on due to the light brown undertones to it.
;”>And as well as the shade, the formula of Tarte’s Lip Paints are perfect! It’s a liquid lipstick that dries matte but it dries to perfection as compared to my ABH Liquid Lipstick which dries super matte this doesn’t dry as matte which makes it much more hydrating and comfortable to wear. The formula of it is very mousse like and creamy which makes it so smooth to apply and I’d definitely recommend these as I don’t really like wearing liquid lipsticks but I love this one because the formula is perfect.

What is your favourite autumn shade?
Kate Xx

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