Festival Hairstyles; Braids, Bunches & Curls

I always love to try different hairstyles out and I feel like there is no limit when it comes to your hair for a festival. So for this post, I’ve been experimenting with some different looks and I’m really happy with my final looks. My hair is quite thin so some of these looks might look better with thicker hair and I haven’t used any myself but you can always add glitter to your roots if you want to be extra!

♡ Slick & Straight Bunches;
I can guarantee most of you would read that title and think ‘I’d rather not look like a five year old again’ but hear me out! I’ve seen lots of people wear bunches at festivals for that edgy but fun look and with slick hair, good makeup and a bomb outfit then you could totally pull it off. Vanessa Hudgens wore bunches on day 3 of Coachella this year which were loose and wavy and she totally pulled it off so if she can do it, I can too (just probably not as well)!
To get the ‘perfect’ bunches I would straighten your hair and split your hair down your parting. Then create 2 bunches which are tight and smooth and tie them at the back of your head. You could either make your bunches slick and tight or really messy which I think either way will look good. I wouldn’t say this is a day to day look but for a festival there is no limits so why not?!

 Braids & Bun; 
For this look, start by splitting your hair into 2 sections down your parting and start by braiding one side, The braids are going in a line down your head and stopping at the back of your head, I’ve done my braids in the dutch style however it doesn’t matter if you do a regular braid. Also where you stop your braids is where the buns will go so depending on how high up you want your buns then stop yours braids there! Then tie the ends of the braids with a clear elastic bobble for each one which will keep the braids in tight. 
Then you can either make two separate buns from the end of each braid or like what I’ve done, make one bun in the centre of the braids.

Loose Waves & Braids;

This is probably the most ‘casual’ hairstyle that I’ve created and to create the look I start by creating loose waves. You can do this by curling your hair into loose waves or you could always braid your hair the night before to give natural waves. But after your hair looks loosely waved get a small section at the front a braid it all the way down. You can do this with juts one piece at the front or more however I just did one plait on a front section. This look is really simple but does look stunning on.

Beachy Waves & Buns;

I always see looks like this and always wanted to try the ‘pigtail buns half up half down look’ however my hair is way too thin and with my lack of skills in the hairstyle department I went for a simple look inspired by my original idea! However if you have thicker hair, I’d definitely try doing this with two space buns as it would look super cute!
I started by curling all my hair which I rarely do however really like my hair curled and then I split my hair down it’s parting. And I just bought back the two front strands of my hair and tied them so they were almost like small bunches at the front of my hair but flat on my head. I love this style as it’s so simple but keeps your hair off your face and I’d love to do this and add two small buns! And as my hair is so thin my curls dropped out in a matter of minutes despite half the can of hairspray so I had a casual waved look which is perfect for a festival look.

What festival hair look will you be going for this year?

Kate Xx

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