Festival Style Inspiration From Coachella

One thing I always look forward to in Festival season is seeing what everyone wears, I feel like there is no limits in festival wear so I never know what to expect when there’s a popular festival. One festival that probably pops into all of our minds is Coachella. The famous festival that takes place every year in California in the Colorado Desert. Coachella seems to always stand out from the crowd, nearly all the popular celebs go and I’m always style crushing when I see all the photos.

So I thought this would be the perfect time on my blog to share with you my favourite looks that I’ve seen at Coachella throughout the years. Also some of these looks are so easy to recreate or give you some inspiration to give your own twist to it so you’ll be guaranteed to be looking fierce at your next festival! 

♡ Taylor Hill 2016;
Taylor looked absolutely stunning at last years Coachella. Every outfit she wore suited her so well and she looked quite casual but so stylish. I really like how she didn’t over do it with her outfit or accessories, her makeup was natural and she looked like an absolute beauty throughout the festival. My favourite look of hers was when she wore the simple black slip dress under the sheer black long dress which had the pops of colour on. I love how the simplicity of the black dress balances out with the bright and vibrant pattern and makes the look have a fun and colourful vibe. Taylor styles this outfit with plain black boots and a wide black choker as well as a simple top knot with styled waves.

♡ Jourdan Dunn 2017;
Jourdan Dunn has always had amazing style and her Coachella outfits are absolutely stunning and she couldn’t pull them off any better! She wore this intricate patterned swimsuit paired with frayed white denim shorts and a thick tan belt which suits the tribal print swimwear perfectly. She also wore a pair of black chelsea boots as well as a small burgundy cross body bag which both are perfect for festival wear. The main reason why I love this outfit is because of the top, the swimsuit she’s wearing is from a Nigerian brand Bfyne and it couldn’t be more suited for a festival as the colours and pattern are vibrant and fun which is what a festival is.

♡  Alexa Chung 2013;
Alexa Chung is a style icon and always will be. I love her style and I can’t think of anything I’d enjoy more than to raid her wardrobe. She has always rocked Coachella and I was really stuck between a her outfits to choose for this post but I went for this striped matching set that she wore in 2013 which shows how it’s still stylish 4 years on! She wore this structured striped shirt with matching high-waisted shorts which she also paired with a khaki shirt tied around her waist. As well as a black cross body bag with gold detailing on the strap which looked effortless but suits the whole look. And she wore black sandals with multiple straps which aren’t my favourite however the do suit the casual but put together look.

Jasmine Tookes 2017;
She’s not only an angel on the catwalk, she’s an angel at Coachella as well. Her festival outfits in 2016 were stunning and they got even better this year. The outfit that caught my eye this year was her simple loose white shirt showing off her lacy bralette and completed with ankle tie sandals that complimented her skin tone so well. She also styled this outfit with a tan shoulder bag with tassels which is perfect for the festival vibe and looked effortless as well as a camel coloured hat and a belt knotted around her waist. The whole look is effortless but is so suited for a festival with the loose sleeves giving a bat wing effect and how the belt is knotted instead of using the actual fastening. The outfit looks so simple but is so well put together at the same time and not to mention how insane her hair and makeup are!
Vanessa Hudgens 2017;
I obviously could not do this post without mentioning the Coachella Queen herself?! And of course that’s the fabulous Vanessa Hudgens, who seems to slay the festivals every single year! I particularly love her style for this years Coachella, I’m sure you’ve all seen it before but it’s where she rocked the black shorts, bralette, hat and boots and then added silver accessories and a colourful detailed kimono which just slayed the game. I love how the look is so simple at first but when you take a second look you can see all the detail and the outfit couldn’t have been any better! I love these shorts as they’re such a good fit, not too tight or showing her bum and the frayed edge and subtle rips give an edgy vibe. But what I love most is the corset detailing down the front which is so in trend at the moment and paired with the silver studded belt gives so much detail and makes what seems like a simple outfit not so simple!

What’s one of your favourite styles from the festivals?

Kate Xx

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