How To Get The Perfect Festival Glitter In Minutes

Glitter is one of the first things I think of when I hear the word ‘festival’, I love festival glitter as it looks so vibrant and fun and who can say no to glitter?! I feel like there are so many ways to wear and apply glitter now as it’s got so popular over the years so I thought I’d have to do a tutorial on how I do my festival glitter which is cheap and so quick and easy!

What I Use;

  • 2-3 pots of glitter (how many pots you use depends on how many colours you want to use)
  • Vaseline
  • Cheap/Old flat eyeshadow brush

How To Get Your Glitter On;
I start by using Vaseline to stick my glitter on, there are many alternatives like clear lip gloss, hair gel or an actual glue but Vaseline does the job perfectly and everyone has some lying around somewhere! Vaseline keeps glitter on all day and is comfortable on the face, I used Vaseline last year at a festival and had it on from early in the morning to late at night whilst there was huge amounts of rain and my hair in the way and it hadn’t budged!
So apply the Vaseline with your finger to where you want the glitter to go and then choose what glitter you want to use. I have pots of single coloured glitter so I use multiple together but if your glitter has a mixture of shades in then it will be fine to use just to one, or you could just use one single colour to make it even easier!
The glitter I use is from Amazon and it was face and body glitter which was super cheap and it’s just fine glitter and it works perfectly so if you don’t want to pay much head over to Amazon for some cheap face glitter!

To apply the glitter I just take an flat eyeshadow brush and lightly dip it into the Vaseline so it will pick up product and using an eyeshadow is the perfect shape and you can always find one lying around! Dip your brush into the glitter and pack it onto your face. I tend to put my glitter on one side of my face as a glitter highlighter look but put glitter wherever you fancy!!
As I use a mixture of colours I start by using the darkest and do a light layer and then carry on building it up and lastly using the lightest shade.

So that’s how I do my festival glitter, it’s super easy and quick and the Vaseline is the perfect glitter glue! Here’s my finished look (also please excuse my completely bare face & my weirdly shaped collar bone?! ) ;

Will you be getting your glitter on for any festivals?
Kate Xx

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