Girl Power On The TV *

TV is something I love in December time as I love snuggling up with a blanket and hot chocolate and the Oled 4k TV Panasonic is a perfect TV to cuddle up in-front of with it’s amazing top quality. There is nothing I love more than binge watching new series. I’ve currently started Stranger Things after wanting to watch it for ages but one genre I love is the motivating programmes that inspire you to get up and going.

I’ve been wanting to do a post featuring girl power for a while now. I’m proudly a feminist and I’m so passionate about females having equal rights. So I thought this post idea would be the perfect opportunity to talk about girl power. And linking it with TV which makes it ten times better because I’m sure we all love a good series or film!

Favourite Series-

Girl Boss is definitely one to watch if you’re looking for motivation. And for something to make yourself determined and say ‘yes’. It’s a short series which I whizzed through due to the episodes only being around 20 minuets. But I thoroughly enjoyed this series and would happily watch it again. So it’s based on the book which, without giving any spoilers, is a real life story of how Sophia Amoruso set up her own business.
It shows the struggles and her personal life and is really relatable as we have all been in situations where we want to do something but easily give up. It shows how she doesn’t give up even when things are looking impossible. It’s definitely one to watch when you’re in need of some determination.

Iconic Female Characters-

Everyone needs an iconic female role to look up to. I think the perfect place to find one is on the TV. One of my role models has always been and always will be Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. She is such an inspiration to look up to. I will always watch Legally Blonde when I’m in need for some inspiration. It’s such a motivating film to watch when you need that ‘I can do it’ motivation. I love how Elle Woods proves everyone wrong and I seem to watch it cheering her on.
My second favourite iconic female characters has to be my Queen Blair Waldorf. From one of my favourite series, Gossip Girl, Blair was always my favourite character. I love Blair as she’s a real life princess and pretty iconic in my eyes. Blair takes no crap from anyone and is a fierce confident character. Which is why I think she’s inspirational and of course her fashion is pretty stylish.

Perfect Cosy Night In –

And of course you can’t watch any series or film without being all snuggly! My top three essentials when it comes to watching anything is a blanket, hot chocolate and chocolate. And that is literally me sorted for all winter… Whether it’s a series I can binge watch or films to watch all afternoon, I am guaranteed to love it!

Who is your role model from the TV?

Kate Xx

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