How To Have A Productive Morning

I’ve been having more ‘productive’ mornings than usual lately, most mornings I wouldn’t have done anything be 12pm however now I’m getting lots of jobs done in the morning which makes me feel good and productive and determined to do more!
I think having a productive morning means the rest of my day is productive as if I do nothing in the morning my afternoon tends to follow the same pattern. So I’m sharing my tips on how to have a successful morning!

  Set Your Alarm;
I always set my alarm just because on the odd occasion I can over sleep for ages and I always feel once I’ve wasted my morning, my day just ends up being a lazy mess! I’m an early bird anyway so most days I do wake up before my alarm but I always set my alarm just in case! 
I think waking up at a specific time is one of the best ways to be productive as that way you can plan your morning and I always feel even more tired when I have a longer sleep. Also I like to wake up at around the same time most days as the I feel like my body clock is use to it and doesn’t feel as much as a hardship getting up early. It says it takes 21 days to make a habit so setting your alarm early is something you can easily get used to. Most mornings I wake up at around 8am which is quite late for me as I used to always be up and ready to go at 7am which is way too early for me now!

♡ Avoid Your Phone;

I’m sure we can all agree that once we start checking up on our social media in the morning, it’s like 2 hours later and you’re still in the same position. I used to do this all the time, I’d wake up and start watching some YouTube and before I knew it, it would be lunchtime. Most mornings I will wake up and go down for breakfast and while I eat I check my social medias which only takes me a couple of minutes.
Since not lying in bed on my phone for hours in the morning, I’ve noticed a big difference in how much I can get done in the morning. And I don’t even miss going on my phone as most of the time I’d be watching pointless videos or getting side tracked on Twitter.

♡ Exercise;

By exercise I don’t mean going on a hours run at 9am, but I love doing yoga in the mornings or in the nicer weather I love skipping which I just do in my drive. I love doing 10 minutes of yoga in the morning and I always watch Yoga By Adriene on YouTube as she has loads of videos depending on what type of yoga you want to do. Whether you want to watch for beginners, focus on certain body parts or for weight loss. I tend to do some yoga on a Sunday morning and I’ll just watch a 10 minute video. 
If you have a busy day ahead I think doing 10 minutes of exercise is perfect as it wakes you up and makes you feel ready for the day, especially as yoga is super calming. And it gives your body a stretch and wake up after you’ve been sleep for a while. 

♡ Eat Breakfast;

I’ve never once skipped breakfast and it utterly confuses me when I hear of people skipping breakfast. I absolutely love breakfast and I always make sure I eat a decent breakfast to start my day.
Being honest, my breakfasts are pretty boring, most mornings I’ll have muesli or granola and the odd day I’ll treat myself to Coco Pops because I’m basically still a 7 year old… But breakfast doesn’t have to be anything fancy like avocado on toast (which I personally think is disgusting lol) just as long as you’re having a decent sized breakfast that can fuel the start of your day. Also your body looses sugar when you’re sleeping so it’s important to regain your energy in the morning.
I always have eat a good breakfast in the morning which will last me to lunch so it stops me snacking in between, as once I start snacking in between meals, I’m unstoppable (especially when it comes to chocolate digestives…).

♡ Stay Hydrated;

Drinking plenty of water is key to every morning as it keeps me hydrated and after drinking water in the morning it makes me feel awake and ready to go. I always put a slice of lemon in my water which I love the taste of but also has great health benefits.                                                                                      I put a lemon in my water bottle everyday and have done for the past two year, which was not for the health benefits but just because I prefer the taste more! But slicing a lemon in your water feels refreshing but drinking it in the morning re-hydrates your body also I love drinking a mug of hot water and lemon in the morning which is just as good.

♡ Make A List & Set Daily Goals;

I love making lists. firstly it gives me a great excuse to buy some cute note pads as well as it makes me feel super productive ticking jobs off. Also if you have a busy day ahead you can feel more organised by having all your jobs wrote down which can let you manage your time to fit everything in. I sometimes like to write my to-do lists the night before so then I can get up and go and then you have a clear plan of what you need and are going to do.
On the weekends I like to make daily to-do lists but for the days when I’ve got a couple of jobs to do throughout the weekend, I like to make a to-do list for the weekend or sometimes the whole week.
However always make sure our to-do lists are sensible and things you will actually be able to achieve in that day as otherwise if you end the day with a couple of jobs not ticked off then that could leave you feeling even less productive and successful.

♡ Get The Worst Out Of The Way;

I always put off things that I don’t want to do, whether it’s homework, revision or just a boring job that needs doing so on a productive day I will always tick them off first. I procrastinate so much but I’e started to get the worst jobs out of the way first, usually I’ll do my homework in the morning and then once it’s all done I can write some posts or just chill and watch a film. However if you do have a day full of important jobs then I’d always get the worst out of the way first. 
This will make you super productive as once you get it over with you can look forward to the easier jobs and you won’t be dreading it all day.

How do you have a productive morning?

Kate Xx

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