Natural Nude Lips For Everyday

As you probably all know, I love a nude lip whether it’s a classic creamy lipstick, liquid lipstick or gloss. And these have been my top favourites recently so I though I’d share them with you as they are all super affordable and look stunning for this season.

Swatches (Top to bottom);

  • Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick
  • Mac Patent Polish Lip Pencil
  • Kiko Smooth Temptation
  • NYX Lip Lingerie
  • Buxom Lip Cream
  • NYX Butter Gloss
  • MUA Lip Liner

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick ’42’;

The Kate Moss Lipstick collections have always been a favourite of mine and this lipstick is from the nude collection by Kate Moss, and I love this! First off the packaging is gorgeous, unlike the ordinary Kate Moss lipsticks, it has baby pink packaging with silver and white details. And it opens up to such a gorgeous nude. The lipstick itself looks like your typical nude however when applied it’s more of a peachy, pinky nude shade which is stunning.
And like all Kate Moss lipsticks, the formula is second to none. They are so so creamy and smooth and also feel super moisturising when on. I wouldn’t say it’s that long lasting however for the time it lasts for isn’t too bad for a super creamy lipstick.

Mac Patent Polish Lip Pencil ‘It’s Really Me’;
You probably saw this one coming as this is my all time favourite lip product, I just love it and will never get enough of it. 
The formula is insane, it’s unbelievably creamy on the lips and to apply and has such a gorgeous sheen to it which lasts for such a long time. It’s so easy to apply and the lip product itself lasts for ages, I’m always reaching for this as nothing I have compares to it! If you’re ever wondering whats on my lips, I can guarantee it will be this!
The shade is the perfect nude with a slight peachy tone to it however on the lips just looks like the perfect nude that everyone needs. 
These Patent Polish Lip Pencils definitely do not get enough hype as they should do and I would love to try some more shades of this as well considering I love it so much!

Kiko Smooth Temptation Lipstick 01;

This lip product from Kiko has always been a love of mine based on it’s formula as it’s one of the smoothest lip products I’ve ever applied.
The thin shape of it makes it so easy to apply to any lip shape and the creamy, luxurious texture makes it so comfortable to wear all day long. 
The shade is the lightest out of the collection and is a true nude which looks stunning on and I’m sure would suit most skin tones very well. All of the shades in this collection are so pigmented as well, the colour pay off is insane! They are also super comfortable to wear which I think is down to how creamy and buttery they are and they don’t dry my lips out one bit.

NYX Lip Lingerie ‘Bedtime Flirt’;
I absolutely love the NYX Lip Lingerie collection as they have so many gorgeous shades and the formula’s are gorgeous. They don’t dry my lips out at all and don’t feel that drying on and I’m not that much of a matte person however I do really like these.
The formula is quite mousse-like which glides smoothly onto the lips and only takes a second to turn matte. They are also so creamy when applies and when dry still feel smooth. The applicators are thin and long which makes it easy to apply around your lips.
This shade is super pigmented and applies evenly to the lips. This shade is ‘Bedtime Flirt’ which is a dark pinky nude but does look lighter when applied on the lips. I also love pairing this with my NYX Butter Gloss as it’s makes the perfect combo!
They have lots of shades and have also just bought out many more new shades which are more colourful and have a bigger range of tones perfect for all skin tones.

♡ Buxom Lip Cream Dolly;
I feel like I’ve mentioned this many times on my blog, but I cannot say enough about how much I love this! Everyone needs a Buxom Lip Cream in their life!
I absolutely adore the formula of this gloss, the gloss makes your lips tingle when you apply it which I feel like my lips look a bit plumper. Also it’s not sticky whatsoever and feels so smooth and glossy on. This lip cream is very long lasting as well, especially for a gloss and the tingling sensation does last for a long time (not in a bad way though!). 
This shade is the perfect shade for me as it’s a dark nude with a pink tone to it, and is super pigmented which I think is perfect for this season as when applied it looks light and gives the perfect amount of colour. I love wearing glosses in the spring and summer as I always tend to go for a more natural makeup looks so I feel like a gloss just completes the natural, glowy look for the brighter seasons.

NYX Butter Gloss ‘Tiramisu’;
I love the NYX glosses so much, they are the perfect formula and are are a bargain of £5 which I think is so well priced for such high quality.
The shade of this is called ‘Tiramisu’ which is a gorgeous natural nude with a very slight pinky undertone. I wear this all the time for a natural sheen whilst giving a subtle amount of colour on my lips. I love the formula of this gloss as well, it isn’t sticky at all and does last for quite a long amount of time. The gloss has medium coverage which makes it perfect for natural and daily wear.
The gloss which like the name, is so buttery and smooth and does keep my lips moisturised when I wear it. The applicator is the perfect shape and size and the bottle is the perfect handbag size so is perfect for on the go.
Also it smells incredible as well, it has a sweet scent which I love!

MUA Lip Liner ‘Caramel Nougat’;
This is one of my all time fave lip liners and is an absolute bargain of £1! It’s the perfect nude shade and goes perfectly with my favourite lip products. I love using this super natural lip liner as it’s subtle but does make a difference in my lips. It’s very creamy and soft to apply and glides on easily. This shade is also super pigmented especially for a light intensity shade. I also find this really long lasting and also works great under lip products to increase the wear time.
It’s also super easy to sharpen from the built in sharpener in the lid which is my favourite think considering it always seems to go blunt when I have no sharpener on me!

What is your favourite nude lip product?

Kate Xx

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