How To Style; Vans Old Skool & Band Tee

For this look I’ve focused it on a statement top and paired it with my new obsession, which are my Vans which I’ve been desperate to do a post on since I bought them! This outfit is super simple which is why I love it as it makes the top and shoes stand out and are the main focus. 
It’s perfect to wear everyday as it’s comfy, stylish and suits any everyday occasion.

For this look I’ve worn my Topshop Jamie Jeans which are in a dark vintage blue shade. I love wearing my blue jeans with these shoes as I think they suit each other so well and although black shoes suit anything and everything, they suit blue so well!
As this outfit is super casual, I’ve kept it simple by pairing it with this Band Tee Style Top from H&M which I’m in love with. It’s a dark grey shade with a white print on which has quite an edgy look to it. I left this hanging over my jeans which gave a casual look and gives the whole outfit a simple but edgy look. I love the band tee trend however I felt stupid if I was to buy an actual band tee as I don’t really listen to The Rolling Stones or any bands like that so unless they were like One Direction tee’s, I wasn’t going to get a proper one. However when I saw this top in H&M, I knew it would be perfect for an ‘edgy’ top as it reminded me of the band tee style tops.
Although this top keeps the look simple the top isn’t that subtle so gives more interest to the outfit because of the big design on the top.

I also wore my Faux Suede Biker Jacket from Missguided (read more about it here) to finish off this look which finishes off the whole outfit and keeps you the perfect temperature.
And of course on my feet I’m wearing my Vans Old Skool Trainers in black which are super comfortable and work well with the simple and quite dark coloured outfit.

I always love treating myself to a new pair of shoes for spring as I love having a pair of shoes that can be worn with any outfit. Whether it’s jeans, shorts or a dress I always seem to just throw on a pair of canvas shoes, hence why my white converse aren’t so white anymore!
However this season after months of debating whether I actually needed a new pair of shoes, I treated myself to the Vans Old Skool Trainers in black which I have been living in recently. I got them at the end of March and I know I’ll be wearing them constantly this spring and summer. They are so easy to wear as the go with any outfit, whether it’s a causal look with jeans, a comfy look with leggings or giving a dressy outfit a day-to-day feel.

This look is super simple which makes it perfect for everyday wear and I love how the top looks so effortless with the tight jeans and the black shoes.
For £50 I do think these shoes are definitely worth every penny as they have a leather lining inside which means they haven’t rubbed whatsoever. And after a couple of wears are so comfortable which is why I’ve been wearing them 24/7 and will carry on to this spring and summer!

What are your favourite shoes for this season, and how do you style them?
Kate Xx

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