Life Update; One Year of Blogging, School & Netflix

Hey guys, so for today’s post I’ve decided to have a little ramble about my life as I’ve never done a chatty post on my blog before. I just felt like a little talk today and I love reading these style of posts as I love getting to know the people behind a blog a bit better! 
Also before I start, I took these blog photos outside, I mean I know they are nothing special but I was super impressed because I was wondering if England even knew what the sun was as I haven’t seen it in years!! And I’m trying to up my blog photos as they are pretty terrible at the moment!

My life is pretty boring to be perfectly honest, I’m already counting down the days till summer which I really shouldn’t but I can’t help myself! I can’t wait just to go out in shorts and a vest top and get some freckles and a summer glow, oh and not forgetting the burnt shoulder I always seem to get in about a minute of sun! The only thing I’m not looking forward to about summer is my ‘summer body’, because girl I’ve been eating waaaaaayyy too much at the moment (she says whilst scoffing an Easter egg)…
I haven’t really been up to much recently, I’ve just been sitting on the sofa binge watching Girl Boss which is I’m loving at the moment it’s the perfect easy watching but funny and motivating drama! Also I’m super annoyed that there wasn’t an episode of Riverdale on Friday because I live for Cole Sprouse (aka Jughead) he is absolutely gorgeous! I felt so sorry for him in the last episode talking to Betty at the party but it’s so cute how they are together in real life. And did you see them all at Coachella?!?! Cole Sprouse in that yellow shirt…….. o m g! (Keep it together Kate).
And have any of you guys been watching the new episodes of Pretty Little Liars? I have but I’m getting a bit fed up with it as it drags on so much but I’ll keep on watching it till the end as there are only 9 more episodes to go! Also I love Caleb on PLL so he’s one good reason to watch it! 
But anyway, before I get sidetracked with Netflix as I could go on for hours no joke, I’m not really getting up to much in the next month. I’m going to see The Vamps at the start of May which I am so excited for and there is als

I’m in year 10 at school and I’ve just finished a week of exams just this week which I’m so happy they’re finished! They were just like year 10 mocks and I found them impossible, like I felt like I should be going back to year 5 maths. So I’m definitely not looking forward to getting my marks back however they don’t matter that much so it’s not the end of the world!!
Also for any wondering, for my GCSE’s, I’m taking obviously English, Maths, Science and then History, Spanish, Business and Textiles. I really like the subjects I take and I know it’s a long way off but for A-level, I’d love to take English Language, Business and Economics and Textile but of course I have plenty of time to change my mind! 
I would love to go to university when I’m older and I’d love to go into fashion/textiles but obviously there is so many courses to do so I think I’m going to start looking at different courses to get some inspiration as I love thinking about my future as it makes me really determined and motivated!

At the end of April, it will be the one year anniversary of my blog which I think is crazy! Although I made my blog in April, I only started writing properly on my blog in September so it had just sat there collecting dust for 5 months! I’m so proud of myself for being able to do my blog though as the two blogs I previously had, I was never organised enough to keep them going. I would never have thought this time last year that I would still have my blog and be writing frequently on it so I’ve definitely proved myself wrong! I can’t wait to see my blog this time next year as I’m 100% sure I will still be writing away on it!
I’ve been so much more organised at the moment and now my exams are finished, I can be fully focused on my blog which I’m very happy about! I’m trying to get more fashion on my blog so I’ve got some posts planned that I’m praying nice weather will come so I can take some nice sunny photos! And I’ve also got some makeup looks coming up so I’m quite excited to do them as I love tying out new looks with my makeup!
 And it’s a long way off but you know when you get an idea that really isn’t that interesting but it seems like the best idea in the world? Well anyway, I’m planing to do a festival themed week on my blog which I’ll include makeup looks, outfits and hair as well as maybe some tips. So for some reason I’m excited to do that although it’s going to be ages away but it’s something to look forward to!!!

 I can’t wait to do more summer themed posts as well, as I’m so excited for summer at the moment so I’m praying the sun will come out for a change!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this chatty post, I’ve never done anything like this but I quite enjoyed just rambling away! And sorry if I got a bit too excited about Riverdale… What can I say, I love Cole Sprouse!
Also if you have any posts you would like to see on my blog, feel free to leave them below!
Kate Xx 

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