Current Brow Routine

I’ve started to question why I’m doing this post as my brows are a complete mess, I mean some people say ‘my brows are sisters not twins’ but I’m coming to the conclusion that mine or more like second cousins…
However although I hate my brows, I’ve been really liking the products I’ve been using on them so I thought I’d share my brow routine with you guys as I’m really happy with the product I’ve been using.
I’m going to be talking through everything I do with my brows from products to brushes and I’m going to stop rambling and get on with this!
Also apologies for these atrocious photos thanks to the worst lighting and my bare face!

So before I do my brows I always make sure there are no stray hairs below and if there is I will pluck them with my Gold Tweezers from Primark which I got in a pack of two for 99p however I only use the ones with the small end as they make it so easy to pluck hairs out.
After plucking my brows I will use my Brow Scissors which are again from Primark and were around £1.50 and I will brush all my eyebrow hairs up and just trim the very top ends of any longer hairs. I don’t need to do this that regularly but when I do it makes a great difference which is definitely needed.

My Natural Brow;

Now to apply some product to my brows, first I will always use my trusty Spoolie which I picked up free from Mac, you can just get the from the pots in Mac and it’s actually lasted me for ages. So I will just fully brush through my brows and get them into the shape that I want them in. 

The first product that I then use is my Anastasia Beverly Hill Dip Brow which is in the shade ‘Blonde’. I absolutely LOVE this, it’s incredible and I couldn’t recommend it enough! I apply it with my Ecotools Angled Eyeliner Brush which is included in a previous post here, if you want to read more about it.
I apply it by using this brush very lightly by doing small hair like strokes on my brow. I apply the pomade evenly on my brows but use it more light-handley in the inner part of my eyebrow.
I keep the brow pomade only on my actual eyebrow hairs, I don’t overdraw my actual eyebrow as they are quite thick naturally.

Brow after brow pomade;

After applying the brow pomade, I then use my L’Oréal Brow Artist Plumper which is in the shade Light/Medium which is a round a darkish blonde shade. I love using this as the brush is thin and small which is sort practical as it makes it quick and easy to use and gives my eyebrows the perfect finish. This is definitely a new staple of mine as it gives my brows some colour and thickness when wearing it on my brows on its own and gives volume and the finishing touch which used with my other products.

Brow after applying brow gel;

To finish off my brows I occasionally carve them out with a light concealer which is the Freedom Pro Camouflage Pot Concealer in CF01 and I apply this with my Real Techniques Detail Brush and then fully blend it in with my Ecotools Concealer Brush which I love as it’s really dense and flat. 
I don’t carve my brows out that often but if I’m going all out on my makeup then I will but I only do it very lightly so barely makes that much of a difference.

And of course I wouldn’t be finished until I make my brow bone pop! And you guessed it, I’m using The Balm Mary Lou Highlighter on my brow bone which is of course absolutely stunning and is the perfect finish to my brow look!!

Finished Brow Look;

So that is my current brow routine, I know they’re not anything special and do look much better in person than these awful photos (apologies!!). However I’ve been loving the products I’m using so thought would be the perfect time to share!!

What do you like to use on your brows?
Kate Xx

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