Spring/Summer Primark Haul

Primark is absolutely killing it at the moment, they have so many stylish pieces in their clothing which is so affordable and I have to say it’s my favourite shop at the moment. I wouldn’t say I bought that much, however I was so happy with my new pieces so thought I’d share them all with you!
* I use the word ‘Bargain’ way too much but inference everything was a bargain!

I was so happy when I saw all these gorgeous items in Primark as I desperately need to update my clothes and there was so much choice in Primark, so I’d definitely recommend going in.

This first top caught my eye straight away and I’m not going to go into too much detail as I have a post planned for it but I’m absolutely in love! It’s a Gingham Off The Shoulder Top which was an absolute bargain of £6. I’ve loved the gingham trend and I’m so happy I found it in Primark! Its super elasticated around the shoulders so is tight and the material is really soft and light to wear. I also love the frill detail it has around the top of the elastic as it gives the top extra detail but also looks really pretty on.

Next I got a White Bardot Top which was £3, which I’m so happy with! It’s super light so perfect for the warmer weather and hangs really nicely.  The edges are raw which I didn’t notice at first however I quite like this as it makes it look more casual. I love wearing off the shoulder tops and I’m really happy with this one as I can wear it really casually because it’s a jersey material and super light so I’m sure I’ll be wearing this loads this summer. I would suggest getting it in a size smaller though as it is quite long and for £3 I’ll definitely be going back to get some more colours!!

Lastly on the tops I got a really simple White Cross Neck T-Shirt which yet again another a bargain price of £3. I was looking for a simple day to day top so this is perfect. It’s in a light jersey cotton material and is light and quite loose and you can’t really do wrong with a plain white t-shirt! I love the cross over detail at the neck of the top as it makes the top look so much more interesting than it is. It’s so comfortable to wear and I’m already living in it so I think I’ll be going back to stock up on some more.

I bought two dresses from Primark as well. I want to wear them more casually and I’m really happy with the two I picked up. Primark had a lot of choice of dresses for such cheap prices which are definitely worth it.
The first one I picked up was this dark navy/black and white Striped Dress with a round neck which was £4. This is actually a long line t-shirt however it’s the perfect length for a dress so i’m just calling it a dress, but it fits really nicely on. I did get in a size up as I didn’t want it too tight and clingy so it’s a comfortable fit and isn’t tight on me whatsoever. The material is so comfy as well, it’s a stretchy jersey material which feels soft and has a bit of stretch to it.

The second dress I got, is actually a dress this time, and is a white and black Striped T-shirt Dress with a v-neck. This dress was £5 which is really well priced as it seems really good quality and I feel like I’m going to live in this, this summer! It’s more of a t-shirt dress style as it hangs casually but it isn’t too loose. If you wanted it more loose, I would get a size up than your usual size!

Primark have definitely upped their game with their accessories at the moment, especially with their chokers, I decided to buy this Beige Bowtie Choker which has three suede straps with the bottom one having a bow on. The bow is quite small and has small silver beads on the end as well as the beige/caramel shade makes it look quite subtle, It has a metal clasp on the back which is perfect as you can adjust it to many different sizes so whether you’ve got a tiny neck or bigger neck it will be the perfect fit. I find this really comfortable to wear and I think is perfect for a glam look or even paired with a casual outfit it looks stunning. Also for an absolute bargain of £2 even if I only get a couple of wears out of it, it’s still so worth the money.

I always get may pairs of sunglasses from Primark each year and when I saw this pair, I completely fell in love with them and knew I had to get them. They’re Rose Gold Mirrored Sunglasses with a metal bar across the top of them which were a bargain of £3. I saw these and they stood out to me as I love everything about them, I especially love the gold bar above the lenses as they’re different to all my other sunglasses and will look gorgeous in summer. These sunnies also have grips where they sit on the nose which is very useful as it doesn’t make my nose as sweaty as compared to when the whole sunglasses bridge is on my nose!

First off on the beauty, I got a Stippling Brush which is just from Primark’s average beauty range not from their P.s Pro beauty range and was only £1.50, yes you guessed it, a bargain. I wanted a stippling brush as I thought it would be perfect to use for blending concealer and foundation and this one from Primark is perfect. The brush is quite dense however has lots of movement which is why it’s perfect for blending. I also love using this brush for packing powder underneath my eyes as the brush head is quite small so fits easily under my eyes. The quality of this brush is so surprisingly good as well, the bristle are incredibly soft and hasn’t malted so far at all. I would definitely recommend trying out Primark’s makeup brushes and this brush is just from the bog-standard range so I can’t imagine how good the Pro range would be!

Next from the beauty section, I got a Tanning Mitt which was only £2 and I thought would come in handy for when I’m wearing skirts this summer, as I’m super pale and sometimes just want a little colour. Of course I don’t look like a tangerine but I though I’d try a mitt to see it if gives my tan and more ‘flawless’ look. I’ve never tried a bronzing mitt before so I’ll report back on my twitter to tell you how it goes but the mitt itself seems really smooth and not scratchy at all so I’m very impressed so far.

Lastly a little necessity I got were the Oval Cosmetic Pads which are a pack of 100 for 90p (bargain!). I love these because they are quite big so makes it even easier to take my makeup off, I used to use just the small circle pads but I prefer these so much more. It was my first time trying these Primark ones and I thought they might be a little scratchy however I’ve been really impressed by them and loved using them so I’d certainly recommend these.


I’ve always loved Primark’s homeware and I love all there summer pieces they have! The first thing I bought was a Cream Textured Throw which was only £4 which you may recognise as it’s what I use for the background of all my blog posts. However I needed a new one as my other one had some marks on so I bought another one which is the exact same as the last one as they always have them in stock in Primark. I love Primark’s throws as they’re so soft and fluffy and I seem to have mine wrapped around me all the time.

This next purchase is one of my favourites and it’s this Copper Pineapple Pot which was £5. Pineapples seem to be everywhere at the moment and as soon as I saw this I knew I had to get it. So it’s this small pot which is in a pineapple shape, the pot itself is really small however I didn’t buy it for the pot, I mainly bought it for decoration in my room and thought it would be perfect for blog photos!

Lastly is this Gold Elephant Shaped Candle which I bought for £3. I saw this and fell in love, I pretty much love anything in a copper/gold shade and I love elephants too so I had to get this. This candle also has a subtle but sweet smell to it which I wasn’t expecting so if you were to burn this I’m sure it would give off quite a calming scent.
It’s actually a candle but I’m not going to use it as a candle because I think it would just wreck the elephant so I’ve got it as an ornament which looks gorgeous.

Have you got any bits from Primark lately?

Kate Xx

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