Miss Sporty Really Me Foundation Stick

I love finding cheap makeup that works well as I really hate spending money especially when I’m trying to save money which never works very well as I always seem to be wanting more makeup and clothes! So I’ve decided to share my top favourite products that are all under £5 and are obviously all from the drugstore! All these products have fantastic quality and performance and it shows how over priced some products are when all of these are under £5 and work just as well as much more expensive products!

Miss Sporty Really Me Foundation Stick ‘Really Ivory’- £3.99;

Ever since I found this foundation I’ve always loved it and I was pleasantly surprised by it as it’s such good quality and is everything I wanted in the foundation. It’s light coverage which makes it perfect for everyday or school and it blends in so easily and quickly. It’s the first non-liquid foundation that I’ve tried but it feels so smooth on the skin and has a flawless finish even though it’s not my preferred dewy finish that I normally go for. I find that this foundation lasts all day and I find it quite moisturising as well, my skin never feels dry or raw when I take it off and for £3.99 it’s for sure one of my favourites from the drugstore.

MUA Undress Me Too Eyeshadow Palette – £4;

There isn’t that much selection in eyeshadow palettes in the drugstore however cheap brands like MUA and Makeup Revolution have so many cheap palettes that are quite good especially when you think what you’re getting for the price. This MUA palettes has always been one of my favourite drugstore palettes although I tend not to use it as much as it’s a dupe for the Naked 2 so I reach for my Naked palette instead. However the shadows in this palette have amazing pigment and blend like a dream which is more than what you’d expect for such a cheap palette. The only major difference it has compared to the Naked 2 is that it isn’t as long lasting but for only £4 you can’t really complain and with a primer you can just make it work for the day!

Collection Speedy Highlighter ‘Pearl Sheen’ – £3.99;

A pigmented highlight is something I’d definitely expect to be over £5 however this pearly glow is a £4 bargain from the drugstore. I love the pearly shade of this highlight as it’s different to my go-to champagne shades and I find a natural pearly sheen is a lot harder to find in the drugstore so this is an all round winner. I’ve always loved the idea of this highlight as it’s so easy to apply and like the name suggests, so quick and speedy to apply. The formula of it is smooth and silky so it glides onto the face with maximum pigment and then I’ll tend to just blend over it with my fan brush so there isn’t any harsh edges. It’s also such a bargain as there is so much product in the highlighter stick and to achieve a pearly glow you only need a little swipe so it lasts for ages.

Freedom Pro Eyebrow Light-Medium – £3.50;

This is my go-to for my brows when I’m going natural on the brows and it’s such good quality and I always forget how affordable it is. In this set you get three powders, one eyebrow wax, a small brush and pair of tweezers (which actually are very good despite the small size) as well as a big mirror perfect to do your brows in. And to get all that for £3.50 and it all being super quality is a no-brainer! I only tend to use the light brown/blonde shade in the top right corner which suits my brows perfectly and it’s lasting for ages and is such good quality. All the powders and easy to apply and blend and last all day with or without brow gel.

Natural Collection Loose Powder ‘Neutral Translucent’ – £2.49;

If you’re ever looking for cheap makeup that has guaranteed good quality then I’d certainly suggest Natural Collection, a Boots own brand which is ridiculously cheap but has quality that is much more expensive. I love a loose powder and this has always been one I’ll repurchase as it keeps shine away all day which is perfect for me considering my forehead can tend to be shine city by the end of the day if I don’t have the perfect powder. The shade doesn’t give much coverage but prevents shine and keeps my makeup in place all day whilst not caking up my face whatsoever which is perfect. You get quite a fair bit of powder in the pot and a little goes a long way when applying so I’ve never been close to running out with this. I’ve always been super impressed with Natural Collection’s products so I really want to try out some more of their products especially the highlighter sticks!

Essence Satin Touch Blush ‘Satin Love’ – £1;

This is the only Essence product I’ve tried and it definitely makes me want to try more as for £1 this blush is such good quality and I has been my go-to blush recently. The main reason I love this blush is because of the satin finish it has as it has a slight sheen to it but is super smooth and glides on to your skin to give such a flawless finish. This shade is my perfect blush shade as it’s a nude pink but this has a little bit more pink tones than my usual nude shades which has been perfect for summer. I go in really lightly with this as I like my blush to be really subtle and it blends like a dream with my blush brush and I definitely recommend this especially for only £1!! 

What’s one of your makeup favourite under £5?

Kate Xx

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