Outfit Post: Casual Day

Hey Guys! This outfit post is from the other day when I went to watch my Dad’s running race whilst doing a bit of shopping in the time he was running for! (God knows who he runs for over 3 hours, I need a breather after I have ran up the stairs…) 
So anyways, I did start of the day with my black bomber jacket (photo in previous outfit post) however the sun eventually came out so I took it off. 

The top I am wearing is one of my fave tops as I love the berry colour of it and it makes such a nice change from wearing grey all the time! It keeps my really warm and is such a nice fit. The top has a nice stretchy neck so I have no problem taking it off and on in changing rooms shopping. We all know the worst thing is when you want to wear a turtle neck top but don’t want all your makeup to be slid off your face!! This top is from Boohoo but unfortunately I can’t find it on the website but I am sure it was £10.
Today I wore another pair of my Topshop Joni Jeans and they are in a very dark blue colour, nearly black but not black! Although I love my Joni Jeans I really need to buy another pair of jeans as I live in my other pairs they have got so thin. cry.

The shoes I am wearing are a pair of pumps from Primark. They are black with a scaly patter on the top with a white sole. They are just copies of the Topshop ones but I’m too poor to afford Topshop prices so I got them for a bargain of £5 for Primark. I also wore my trustworthy Primark footsies under these shoes as going without no socks if something I cannot stand!! 
My accessories I am wearing are my initial necklace from Primark (again) which I think adds a good touch to my top and I have my two Pandora rings on. The rings are the Heart Stacking Ring and the Delicate Heart Ring for anyone wondering. Also I am wearing my River Island bag which I also showed in last weeks post.
Overall I really liked the way this outfit looked and it definitely kept me warm in the cold weather but was comfy and looked nice! Thank you for reading!
Kate Xx