Room Decor: Vogue Exhibition & Display Wall

Hi guys! So today is a bit of a different post but it is something I am really pleased with so I wanted to share it with you!
Vogue Photo Display wallSo what inspired me to do this photo wall was an exhibition I went to recently. The exhibition was Vogue 100: A Century of Style and I went to see it in Manchester and it was absolutely AMAZING!! Being a person who could spend hours on end looking at fashion shoots, strolling through the exhibition was like walking through heaven!! Honestly it was phenomenal. Also it is still on now at Manchester so honestly go and its free as well! 🙂
The exhibition showed covers, images and information from the last 100 years of the fabulous magazine Vogue. This exhibition really interested me as I am really interested in photography and is what I want to do when i’m older, so I found this so inspiring.

Anyway onto my wall design. The first print I got which was the print that started it off, was a print I actually bought at the exhibition. Of course when I was there I got drawn into the gift shop!! The print I got, was a print I had loved in the exhibition. This print is quite a famous one and was shot by Irving Penn from the 1950’s and is The Black and White cover. (I’m not too sure if that is it’s name but it’s the big b&w one on my wall!) This is the main feature on my wall, and I just love it as the model’s clothing looks so polished and although it’s a very basic picture, it speaks for itself! 


As well as this print from the shop, I got 3 postcards with photos on from the exhibition. One of Kate Moss, an old Vogue cover and the last one is of a model in a stunning sparkly dress!
After finding these 4 prints, I collected my other favourite photos from my best-loved magazine shoots and ordered them off Photobox. I ordered an A4 size picture and some 6×4.5 size photos! 

(If you want to get some very good quality photos printed, then Photobox is your place! This was my second order with them and I am always so so pleased with their quality. Also they have a wide choice of sizes and there is always an offer code which makes everyone happy!)

After I got all my pictures I got some frames which I have tried to link below but they might be slightly different but they are more or less the same! And of course I stuck my photos up with Command Strips as they are a life saver! They are so easy to put up and leave no marks when you take them off your wall! 

Ikea Black 30×40 cm Frame 
Ikea White 10×15 cm Frame
Wilko Black A4 Frame
Wilko Black 18×13 cm Frame
Wilko Silver 10×15 cm Frame

So overall, I absolutely love my wall and I think it’s such a good idea if you have a plain wall. It has definitely brightened up the corner off my wall and now I can sit in bed and look up too see Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne looking at me! All jokes aside, I absolutely love it and I am so happy I went to this Vogue exhibition as it inspired me a lot! 
Thank you for reading!
Kate Xx