Outfit Post: Day in London

Flowers outside Liberty in London

Hi guys! So at the weekend I went on a textiles trip with my school to London, I had the best day looking at exhibitions and shopping! Whenever I go to London I can just imagine myself living there when I’m older. It’s always been my dream place to live but at the moment I will have to keep dreaming!
First I have to apologise for these photos as I couldn’t take any photos before I went as it was 5:30 in the morning so it was very dark and of course I was running late! So i’m sorry but for this week we will just have to deal with some awful photos!

So the top I wore is a very new top which is from Primark and is in a basic grey colour, I was looking for it in a dusty pink colour however they didn’t have my size. I got this in a size 10 which is a bigger size than I normally get but as it is a very tight top it fits perfectly. The long arms fitted skin tight so I was nice and warm all day. Also you could always get this top in a much bigger size so you could wear it as a baggy top. 
Primark Long sleeved grey ribbed top

The only bad thing about this top was that it got a hole in the arm somehow, I’m not sure if I bought it with the hole in or me being my clumsy self, poked a hole in it! Also another thing that makes me chuckle is that the tag at the top is sewn upside-down but that’s Primark for you! Although it is just a plain long-sleeved top, I love the deep ribbed design (if that’s what you call it!) as it gives some detail but keeps it simple still. Overall I really liked this top and I will always love a turtle neck top as well as this top only cost me £6, so it’s definitely worth it’s money!

And surprise, surprise I wore my blue Topshop joni jeans! I can always count on my Topshop jeans to be comfy and keep me warm and I will always love the way they look. Topshop quality will never let you down! Also yet again I wore my River Island shoulder bag as I wanted a comfy bag that wouldn’t irritate me all day. I love wearing my bag on my shoulder as then I have both arms free and my bag never feels as heavy on my shoulder! This bag was the perfect size for the day and could carry my magazine and all of my food (which was quite a lot..).
Topshop Oxford Street LondonI wore my boots (which are fake Timberlands) as I thought they looked autumnal and they are very comfy to walk in for the whole day. I actually got these from Primark last year and they have lasted very very well! And I can always wear my big fluffy socks under them which is such a good bonus! I absolutely adore how good these boots look with my jeans, I just love the autumn vibes they bring to my outfits. And although my Primark pair are great and only cost £15 (what a bargain) , I would love to buy a real pair of Timberlands as they would last forever and will always be a fashionable boot.

For my jacket, I started the day by wearing my bomber jacket but I ended up tying it around my waist as I was roasting because the museums and shops were packed and very hot! But I actually quite liked the look of my bomber tied around my waist!
Also to finish this autumn look off, I wore my sunglasses on my head. Yes my sunglasses in the cold weather. It wasn’t sunny at all but when my hair is annoying me, I love to push it out of the way by my sunglasses , whatever the weather! In all serious though, I always like to wear my hair down but as I have very flat hair, it doesn’t look particularly good just down so I like to either clip my hair back or wear glasses on my head! And for anyone wondering the sunglasses are plain black from Primark, and cost a pound!

Altogether I loved walking around in London in this outfit and it was very comfy throughout the whole day, and I felt like I was living the dream walking down Oxford Street with my iced mocha and shopping bags! 
Thank you all for reading!

Kate Xx