My Daily Skincare Routine

Hello everyone!
So today I have decided to do my daily skincare routine as my skin has surprisingly been quite moisturised recently however I have had a few spots creeping up on me which is annoying!

Also before I start I would just like to say that my skin is very sensitive and it seems like it’s favourite thing to do is react all the time! So finding a good moisturiser tends to be hard so I like to stick to what I’ve got!  And my skin is normal to dry so most of the products I use are based around my skin type.

Starting off I will always take my makeup off first. Most days I don’t wear makeup for school as I like to let my skin breathe and I am comfortable with not wearing makeup. So on the days where I wear makeup I will take it off with my Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water and a cotton pad. I love using micellar water as it is refreshing and the Garnier micellar water always takes all of my makeup off without any hassle. Also the mini bottles (125ml) are really useful for travelling and to throw in your bag.

After taking my makeup off I will cleanse my face and at the moment I am using Nivea Cleansing Cream Wash which I absolutely love the texture of it. It’s got a thin creamy texture but is still thick and extremely soothing. It’s definitely added moisture into my skin and had reduced my previous redness and pimples. I use this twice a day, everyday and it works a treat! Also I always notice it removes excess dirt from my face that I would have never had noticed was still there, especially after wearing makeup. I would definitely recommend this and for just under £4 is a bargain!

Next after cleansing my face I will use a face mask. I only use a face mask every 1 or 2 weeks, it mostly depends on how my skin is. I use the Superfacialist Rose Intense Moisture Mask by Una Brennan. I adore this face mask!! It never ever reacts with my skin and leaves it so moisturised and smooth, it works wonders! I apply it all over my face and leave it for around 15-20 minutes and after I take it off with my flannel, I love the results! My skin always lacks moisture especially in the cold weather and this makes my skin so much more hydrated and radiant! And for an added bonus the rose scent it has is to die for! Honestly I cannot fault this product!
Superfacialist Rose Intense Moisture Mask by Una BrennanAlso if I had to recommend a skin care range, it would be Una Brennan as it is a very affordable make and the products have amazing quality and never fail to impress! (Their cleanser is incredible!)

Moving onto moisturisers, I stick to three moisturisers that I can trust and that I have used all for quite a long time.
First is the moisturiser that I use every morning, day in day out. This is the Garnier Moisture Soft Daily Light Moisturiser. I have used this for probably a good two years now and I cannot fault anything about it! It is perfect for the mornings as it is so refreshing and hydrating, whilst soothing my skin for the whole day ahead. Applying this after my cleanser always wakes my skin up and leaves me feeling fresh and awake. It has certainly improved the texture of my skin and I will continue to use this for ages!

Garnier Moisture Nourish and Moisture Soft Daily MoisturisersI have two different moisturisers that I use at night, the first one being from the same range as the previous moisturiser. This is the Garnier Moisture Nourish Daily Rich Moisturiser.  This is perfect for night time as it has a thicker texture than the one above so I feel like it nourishes my skin more. It is aimed at skin which is dry to very dry so it is very comforting and relaxing on the skin. When I use to have extremely dry skin this was the first product I got and I have used it ever since. It soothes my skin and is perfect to put on before you go to sleep as it relaxes my skin a lot.

The second night moisturiser I use is one that will be the hardest to get/find. I got prescribed it from the doctors from when I went with rashes on my face. I think it is such a good idea going to your doctors to see if they can find you a moisturiser that suits your skin from the chemist. The product I use is called Zerobase and omg it is fantastic! It is suited for dry and inflamed skin and can also be used for eczema. This has made my skin super smooth and protects my skin so much from drying out. I know lots of you might not be able to get it but if you are struggling to find a cream for dry skin then looking in a chemist might solve your problems!

Lastly my final product is and eye cream and is the Simple Kind To Eyes Soothing Eye Balm. I got this as the skin around my eyes felt dry and I will always wake up with swollen eyes in the morning. However since I have been applying this every morning, I have for sure spotted a difference. It wakes my eyes up and makes them feel brighter and more awake which is perfect for a school morning! The skin under my eyes without a doubt is a lot smoother now and soft and for the cheap price I will definitely keep on using this!
Daily Cleansers and Moisturisers
So that is my daily skin routine! All of the products I use are all of great quality and all are very affordable!
Thank you all for reading, it means a lot!
Kate Xx