Outfit Post: Fitness Outfit

Hi guys! I hope the title hasn’t put you all off this post! But I have decided to do a different outfit for today. So I try to be as active as I can and I really enjoy doing any exercise as it makes me feel really good about myself. 

This outfit is probably the outfit I will always go for and I find it so comfy and I can move really freely in it. I have to say though that I would not say it is perfect for the colder weather coming however I wear this to fitness classes so it is perfect for inside! 

So the capri pants are from Primark and are just plain black with a little reflective stripe down the side. I have had these for quite a while now and wear them every week. They have a draw string around the waist which I find really useful as some fitness pants don’t, which makes them super annoying when they fall down whilst you are trying to do exercise.
 I love these black capri pants as they are super cheap, I’m sure I got them for around £6. You can wear them over and over again and mine have not worn at all! If I could I would wear them all the time, I would! They are super comfy and are perfect to do fitness in and for such a cheap price they are definitely worth getting.

Next is the grey top I am wearing. Again this is from Primark, as Primark has the best sports wear! I wear this top so much, I feel every who see’s me will think it’s my only top!! I love the material of the top, it’s tight fitted however isn’t an uncomfortable tight so is great for exercising in. I also really like the little details that are added to the top as it gives it some more depth and makes it not just a plain grey top. And I’m sure this top was only £5 which is so good as I wear it literally every week and it is still going very strong! 

Also I would just like to mention my sports bra in this post as I love the fit of it and think most people wouldn’t think of the shop when looking for fitness clothes. I got this from Gap and I have been so pleased with it.  It is the Gap Medium impact T-back sports bra and it’s so comfortable to wear and I love the T-back style to it as well. I got this from an Outlet store so it worked out at around £10 however I am not sure I would pay £22 for it, which is what is priced at on the website.

Finally in clothes, I threw on my Pink Adidas jumper, which is too small for me but I needed a jumper! I do really enjoy wearing it as it is nice and light but warms you up in the cold weather. I definitely need to pre-purchase an updated one as mine is probaly a couple years old by now… But I do really like the way it look and I think it matches the other items really well. 

Nike Lunarfly +4 Running Trainers in PinkLastly in this outfit I am wearing my Nike trainers. They are called the Nike Lunarfly+ 4. I also got these in an Outlet store so I cannot find them on the Nike website. It is definitely worth going to an outlet store to buy shoes from Nike as these were originally £82, then the outlet price was £57 and then they were reduced again to £28. So of course I bought them! I have been so pleased with them as I love the way they
 look and they are perfect for my zumba class and running. 

So that’s it for my most loved sports gear! This outfit is so comfy and is perfect to do exercise in as it is stretchy and light-weight!
Thank you all for reading! Lots of love,
Kate Xx