Outfit Post: Casual Shopping Outift

Hi guys!
Now it’s my favourite season, autumn of course, I have decided I am going to post weekly outfit posts as I love the colder seasons. I find the clothes that shops sell are always more fashionable and stylish in autumn and I think there is nothing better than wrapping up warm on a cold day! I am hoping to post these weekly and a bigger post once a week (or maybe every 2 weeks if i’m too lazy)! Make sure to follow my Instagram to see when i have posted! Anyway lets get on with this…
I wore this outfit to go shopping so I wanted it comfy but stylish. I wore my Topshop Joni Jeans(£36)  which are in a brightish blue colour, although I still wear these jeans I am desperate to get a new pair of jeans as I have worn my Joni jeans so much they are getting very thin!
I wore a Ribbed Black Top which had 3/4 length sleeves(£6)  and is a little bit cropped however is quite a thick material. (Also because i’m a div I forgot to take a photo without my jacket in oops soz). And as it was a little bit cold I wore my black Bomber jacket over it which I should really stop wearing so much…
As I knew I would be walking quite a bit I threw on my comfiest shoes which are my Nike Thea’s(£90)  which are in the Platinum colour and although they are quite expensive I would definitely recommend them as they are extremely comfy and always look nice!
Now my favourite thing in this outfit has to be my bag, now this is most likely to be the bag in most of my outfit looks and it is a shoulder bag from River Island. Words cannot express how much I love this bag! It’s so comfy and I love the way it looks and for only £32 I think it’s a bloomin bargian!!
I wore my hair in a low pony as it gets it out my face but looks more classy and stylish than a normal pony. And for accessories I just wore my two Pandora rings which I wear with every outfit!
Thank you for reading and I will see you next week for another outfit post!
Kate Xx
P.S Enjoy my awkward photos lol