My Favourite Makeup Products

Hey guys! For my first proper blog post I thought I would tell you about my all time favourite make-up products that I have always loved and always will. Most of these products are very affordable and and all opinions are my own! I apologise in advance for the waffling on and lots of unneeded explanation marks oops!!! Sorry this might be along one….

First is the most expensive product which is Urban Decay’s Naked 2. This is no doubt my favourite eye shadow palette, the colours are all of my perfect shades and nude eye shadows are my all time fave! My favourite shades in this palette are ‘Bootycall’, ‘YDK’ and ‘Tease’ however I absolutely love them all but them three shades are my go-to colours! There is a range of eye shadows in this palette all based on neutral and taupe colours, there is some very glittery and shimmery colours as well as matte colours! You can always master a good smoky eye with this palette with every shade. Each shaded is very easy to blend and tends to stay on very well throughout the day.
This palette comes with 12 different shades and a double-ended brush which is extremely soft and a very good brush. And if that isn’t enough with you, Urban Decay also throw in some eyeshadow primer!! Although this palette is a bit expensive as it is £38, I think it is definitely worth the money and it will last you ages! I got this palette for Christmas and have never stopped loving it since then and even if Santa didn’t treat me to it I would have definitely treated myself to it because everyone needs more makeup when they already have draws full hey!!! And if you haven’t guessed already, I don’t have anything to fault with this product at all (except for it annoys me as I am always spoilt for choice as there is so many pretty shades!!). 

Next up keeping on the eye theme is my fave mascara, which of course if the Maybelline Lash Sensational! I feel as this is mostly everyone’s fave drugstore mascara but if you have not tried it yet, open up Superdrug or Boots now and order yourself one!!! I use this mascara mostly everyday and I am always pleased with the outcome of my lashes from it! Never fails to impress! I love the shape of the brush and I find it very easy to apply and it reaches all of my lashes. The mascara has never clumped on my lashes and always goes on smoothly with multiple coats. I don’t use this mascara on my bottom lashes as I personally prefer a different shaped brush however on the occasional times I use it on my bottom lashes I am happy with the results. I would 100% repurchase this when the one I have now runs out!
Like most drugstore mascara it is £7.99 which I think is such a good price because it lasts for a long time and for the quality of this product is extremely good!
The only thing I can fault about this is I don’t feel like the mascara holds it’s volume for a long time, I’m not sure if this is just my eyelashes because my eyelashes do tend to be very awkward. However it does stay on my lashes for the whole time I have it on and never smudges. Overall this is a fantastic product and I definitely recommend it!!

Thirdly is a concealer and it is the Maybelline Age Rewind Eye Concealer. I think I got this product around February time after hearing good reviews about it, ever since then I have absolutely loved it! I have the the shade ‘light’ which is the perfect shade for my face. I apply this under my eyes in triangles and on my nose and chin to highlight. The concealer is very easy to blend and keeps it stay all day. I love the packaging which is very easy to use with the sponge applicator at the top, although when I got this I thought all the product would clog up at the top it hasn’t which is very good. I feel like this product will last me a very long time as I don’t use that much each time I use it and it doesn’t go down that quickly.
This only costs £7.99 which I think is amazing!!! I have nothing to fault with this product except for the lid could do with being a tad bigger so the sponge isn’t touching the plastic lid as much (but that’s just me being fussy!).

Lastly is my favourite lip combo! Ever since I discovered this lip combination it’s probably all I have worn! It is a Mac Lipstick in the colour ‘Brave’ with a Primark Lip Liner in the shade ’01’. I find these two colours go really well together and I absolutely love them!
The Primark Lip Liner is surprisingly really good! I know you might not like the sound of putting cheap makeup on your face but I actually cannot fault the lip liner at all! I stays on my lips for ages and never dries them out. I bought one ages ago and absolutely loved it, so much it was running out. However when I went back to my nearest Primark there wasn’t the shade so I was worrying they might have stopped selling them but luckily I went in the other week and saw them so got another one and a different shade as well! A big bonus to this product is that it only costs a £1!!!! However because it is a cheap price there is some downsides to it’s quality as the packing is good but it is a pain to sharpen! I am not sure it is because my sharpener isn’t the right size or something but I find it such a pain to sharpen however for £1 I don’t feel like it’s a waste of my money at all!!
The lipstick I use in this lip look is a Mac Lipstick in the shade ‘Brave’ which I absolutely love! It is a satin finish which doesn’t dry my lips out and is very moisturising. Mac describe the colour as ‘Pink-beige with white pearl’ which doesn’t look like that on the photo but it is in real life!! This is probably my favourite Lipstick out of the ones I own and if you like nudey-pink colours I think you would definitely love this shade. Like all Mac Lipsticks this is £15.50 which is a bit pricey but for the quality of the product it is well worth your money!
This will definitely be my favourite lip combo for a long time. And I think it’s a bargain for £16.50! Also I know the colours do not look like they match at all on the photo but they do match very well on your lips!

Sorry about the length of this post but I like to ramble on but thank you very much if you made it to the end! I hope you have enjoyed my first blog post and I hope to post weekly!
Kate X