Top Tips For Looking After Your Skin

My skin has been a complete mess at the moment! I seem to be getting dry patches all over my face and so much redness. So I thought I would share my best tips that I use that help my skin and I’m also hoping to do my skincare routine soon as I’ve bought some new bits which I love to use!]

 Fully Take Your Makeup Off;
This might seem like a stupid one to some of you as it’s something you do any way without any thought. But I’ve seen people before who will barely take their makeup off and think it’s all off, and people who sleep with their makeup on is a whole new level!
I religiously use my Garnier Micellar Water to take my makeup off, as it gets all my makeup off and soothes my skin whilst doing so. Personally I wouldn’t recommend using makeup wipes as when I’ve used them before they haven’t taken my makeup off that well and left my skin quite red and harsh however I do sometimes use them for on the go.

♡ Cleanse;

I can’t even remember the days when I didn’t cleanse my face, I started using a cleanser when I was around 12 and I haven’t changed since. I now cleanse every morning and every night which does seem to work really well for my skin. It’s so easy and effortless to do and helps my skin so much. Even before I put moisturiser on, my skin feels smooth and hydrated. I would definitely recommend cleansing for anyone.

♡ Moisturise;

I don’t know where my life would be without using moisturiser. I use a light, hydrating moisturiser in the morning and then a heavier moisturiser in the night and I can’t live without doing so. Moisturising is one of the easiest things to do but is probably the most effective. And it works for any skin type as well, whether you have extremely dry skin to oily skin, there is a moisturiser out there for everyone.

♡ Sun Cream;

Sun cream can work wonders for your skin especially in the sunny months. Even when it’s not a hot summers day, I think using some sort of sun protectant is important. Recently I’ve been on the look out for a moisturiser with SPF in however I’m still on the hunt for a good one. But I’m definitely going to start using sun cream on a daily basis now it’s starting to get a bit lighter and sunnier. 

♡ Care For Your Eyes;

As you many know, the skin around your eyes is so delicate so I think it’s so important that you make sure you care for your eyes. I use an eye cream daily which moisturises around my eyes but also makes the skin fresh and awake. I often get swollen around my eyes so having an eye cream is super helpful to reduce puffiness and redness. Also if you care for them now, the less wrinkles you’ll get when you’re older (hopefully!).

♡ Face Masks;
I love all types of masks and I love to treat myself to many. I think masks are really helpful as they definitely give my skin a big boost of hydration and life. I’m a big fan of tissue masks at the moment, especially the Garnier Moisture Bomb one. I love winding down at night time and putting a face mask on. I find it so relaxing and love having refreshed skin.

♡ Keep your hands clean;

I absolutely hate having grubby hands so I take care of my hands quite well however I think this can make a difference for your skin. As one, taking care of your hands will mean you’ll have smooth hands but also we always seem to touch our faces quite a lot in the day, probably without realising half the time. But it builds up bacteria and dirt on your face which can lead to breakouts on your face or dryness. 

♡ Drink and Stay Hydrated;

Personally I agree with this tip but then at the same time I don’t. I drink lots of water everyday and I do think it helps as when I don’t drink as much sometimes my skin does seem to be lacking hydration. However when I drink more water than usual, I don’t notice any difference. But if you don’t drink much water throughout the day then I think it is important that you do. Also even if drinking water doesn’t improve your skin, it’s still really good for you so it’s always worth a try!

♡  Lip Balm;

One of the many things I absolutely hate it chapped lips. So I will do everything and anything to make sure my lips never get chapped or dry. I always leave the house with a million lip balms on me. And I always use my trusty Vaseline in my skincare routine, every mroning and night and you just can’t go wrong with a tin of vaseline.

What are your tips to look after your skin

Kate Xx

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