My New Favourites From Technic Cosmetics

I’ve tried some of Technic’s products before and really enjoyed using them so I was super excited when they sent me over some products to try! I absolutely loved testing them all out and they are so affordable that I will definitely be buying more. They have such a wide range of products from makeup, brushes and nail varnishes. I’ve been eyeing up some of their new lip products as well that I saw on their twitter so knowing me, I’ll soon buy some of them!

Also I’d like to say a big thanks to Technic for sending me these incredible products, I’m so grateful!

 Colour Correcting Setting Powder
I find I’m quite fussy when it comes to powder as I hate powders which cake my face up and don’t last all day. This setting powder is a perfect powder for me. 
It is a yellow (banana) powder for colour correcting which I find really helpful when it comes to doing my makeup as it’s perfect for setting under your eyes and areas that go shiny throughout the day. 
As well as the powder making your makeup last longer and not caking up it also gives extra coverage to areas where you need which is why I love setting my concealer under my eyes with it. I definitely did notice a difference in my skin when I had finished my makeup, my under eyes looked healthier and my cheeks for sure looked less red. 
I did notice that this powder gave good coverage for a impressive amount of time however if I was out all day, I feel like I might have to re-apply in the day, when I don’t have to with some other of my powders. However I do love the coverage it gives so I definitely will still use it.
Also this powder it around £3 which is such a bargain especially when you get so much in it. 

 Get Gorgeous Highlighter ‘Gold’
*WARNING Sunglasses may be needed*
I was in awe when I first saw this highlighter!! I’ve never tried a gold highlighter before so I was so excited to try this out! The highlighter itself looked gorgeous in the packaging, it has a wave detail in the powder and was sparkling like there was no tomorrow!! 
When I first swatched it, I was amazed. It’s SO pigmented!! This did kind of frighten me because I thought it would look ridiculous on my pale skin. However when it came to using it, I realised small amounts will go along way. I just extremely lightly dabbed my brush into it and very light handedly applied it to the tops of my cheekbones. It’s clearly not the highlighter for everyday occasions but with a glam look it would stunning on so maybe that will be an upcoming post!
However although it might not be an everyday highlighter, I could definitely see it working as an eyeshadow so I’m certainly going to try it as an eyeshadow one day as it would look stunning!
The only thing that is a downy to this (it’s only a tiny thing) but it does have a bit of kickback to it which doesn’t bother me that much but compared to highlighters that I use it had a bit more than usual but I’m not complaining as I’ve never seen a highlighter as pigmented as this!
But I am definitely going to look into some more shades of this highlighter as I love how pigmented it is!!

 Mega Lash Mascara
When I first pulled the wand out of this mascara, I had very high hopes as the applicator looked like it would give so much volume and length to my lashes. (It reminded me a bit of the Maybelline Rocket Volume mascara brush but bigger.) 
As soon as I applied it to my lashes I knew it was going to be good. It gave so much volume to my lashes and made them look so much longer. I did do a thick coat so I could see the mascara to its maximum and my lashes looked so long and I loved it. I don’t wear false lashes but for a glam look wearing this would be perfect. I only kept it on for around a couple of hours however it did last well, my lashes still looked voluminous.
Also I absolutely love the matte black packaging to this!

 Eyeshadow Primer
I was so happy when I pulled this out of the envelope I was sent. I only own one eye shadow primer which is clear and is just a basic primer. But this one is based for shimmer eyeshadows and if matches my Morphe Eyeshadow palette perfectly! It’s in a light pinky lilac shade however on the eye looks like a neutral pinky colour so would be perfect for any shimmer eyeshadow. 
I definitely saw a difference in my eyeshadow by the end of the day with this. My shadow had lasted for so much longer and still had more pigment than it usually has by then end of the day. Also this might sound a little weird but the applicator on it was really nice on the eyelid, it just felt softer than most I have tried so overall I’m very impressed by this and is my new favourite eye primer!

 Brow Pen
I has never tried a pen for my eyebrows before and I didn’t think this would suit me at all as it was in the ‘medium brown’ shade which I thought would be way to dark considering I normally go for the blonde shades.
However this was so easy to use and the shade did suit me really well. I found it really buildable so perfect for a quick natural shape and fill in or a more full on brow of you wanted. 
The pen itself had a thin tip which was kind of a square shape. This made it super easy to do precise strokes onto your brow and depending on how much you slanted the tip you could get a really thin stroke or thicker. I’m very impressed with this and a very big thumbs up for my first try at a brow pen! I think I will definitely re-purchase this when it runs out.

Overall I’m so impressed by these products and will definitely look into more products that they sell. And thank you so much to Technic for sending me these.

Will you be trying any of these products?
Kate Xx

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