I can never leave the house without a bag as I always love to carry what I think are the ‘necessities’  which is a choice of around 6 different lip balms and a couple of pairs of sunglasses. And if you read my previous ‘Whats In My Bag‘ then you’ll know how over-packing is an understatement for me.
However believe it or not I’ve kept the items in my bag really basic and cut back on the things that I think ‘might come in handy’ as lets face it, they never do! So this has been my go-to bag recently, I took these pictures right after I went out so this is exactly what I take with me!

First off my bag is my summer essential this year and it’s my Red Cross Body Bag from Primark (£5) which I think is so suited for this season as it’s the perfect shape and size. I also love the bold red shade as I surprisingly find it so easy to wear and looks so stylish but so simple. The bag has the perfect amount of room inside as well as a small zip pocket on the side which is perfect to keep some loose change in. I’ve been wearing this constantly at the moment and with the adjustable strap it’s super practical and comfortable.

So moving on to whats actually in my bag, my first essential is my purse. I tend to just use my card holder where I’ll keep my card, Superdrug card and a £10 note in the back just for emergencies. My card holder is a light patent pink purse which I’m not sure where it’s from but it’s only a cheap one however it’s last me for ages and I always use it as it’s so handy and slides into my bag easily.
I then also have my keys and phone in my bag which obviously I always take out with me and I keep these both loose in my bag as everything is super easy to find as the bag is small. And I keep my phone in my favourite phone case which is the Skinnydip Tropic Phone Case which is a metallic blue/silver case and I absolutely love it! (And I don’t have my phone in the case in the pictures as I use my phone to take my photos!!)

Moving on to the ‘beauty’ types of products, I always carry my lip balm which I have to narrow down to one which is a very hard choice for someone who loves a million types of lipbalm. But recently my go-to lip balm has been my Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant as it keeps my lips super moisturised but gives the a gorgeous healthy sheen perfect for everyday use.
I also carry my lip product of the day which in most cases recently has been my Kiko Crystal Sheer Lipstick in 412 as it’s a perfect everyday shade as it’s a pinky nude but has probably more pink tones in so perfect for this season and this is also super balmy and creamy on the lips. I keep this two products in the pocket in the bag as it keeps them together and I know where to find them when I need a quick touch up!
I also carry a packet of tissues (yes they are Mr Men tissues (I’m still obsessed)) which I keep slotted at the side of my bag as well as a couple of bobbles which are normally found at the bottom of my bag. I usually have a bobble around my wrist but just in case it snaps or I lose it, it’s always best to have spares!

Lastly I keep a pair of sunglasses in my bag and these ones are one of my many pairs from Primark (I always buy a pair of sunglasses when I go to Primark in this season, it’s like a tradition…). These are a pair of Rose Gold Sunglasses and they have a a cat eye outline on each lens, I’m not too sure what they’re proper name is but they were a bargain of £3 anyway!
And then to finish off I have my headphones which are just the Apple ones that come with a phone. I don’t tend to use my headphones often when I’m out however if I end up on my own when I’m on the bus or train, I always like to have my headphones as you can’t beat a bit of Harry Styles on your way back home!

What are some essentials in your summer bag?
Kate Xx

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