BLOGMAS Day 16: Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Every season change we all look through our wardrobes fishing out our warmer clothes and pushing our shorts and vest tops to the back and leave them to be discovered again next year.

Every season has it must-have essentials and for winter it’s all about keeping warm for me whilst still looking fashionable, so here are my top ten must-haves that you need in your wardrobe this season.

1. Warm Thick Jumper;
How people can survive winter without wearing a thick knitted jumper, completely puzzles me. I live in my chunky jumpers. You can wear it with anything, over a pair of jeans, leggings, a skirt and it goes with any outfit you put it with. 
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2. Skinny Jeans;
Of course, a pair of skin tight jeans is something you can never go wrong with.
They look fashionable and show off your figure whilst you can layer so much over them and I’ll sit here and wait for you to tell me that something wouldn’t go with a pair of skinny jeans. (No actually I won’t, as I don’t want to sit here till I die).
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3.  Ankle Boots;
Always so trendy and ankle boots never seem to get old. Pair them with jeans for a casual and stylish look or pair them with a dress and tights for a more dressy look.
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4. Padded Coat;
There is no way I could survive winter without my padded coat, whilst being practical it also keeps me so warm as well as they are always so easy to wear with anything you fancy. This is definitely a big must-have for me 
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5. Big Scarf;
Just thrown over an outfit looks so chic and stylish whilst being so effortless and comfy. A big scarf aka a blanket is an definite essential and for the days you’re not feeling your outfit, throwing this on looks so fashionable but with zero effort for yourself.
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    Image result for asos scarf

6. Turtle Necks;
Of course, it is never winter if you don’t wear a good old turtle neck. This style looks good with anything, jeans, skirt or layered under something. You name it, there is endless looks you could pair a classic turtle neck with.
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Image result for Sisley Jumper in Turtle Neck with Drape detail  Image result for JDY Bellamy Turtle Neck Knit Jumper    

7. Burnt Oranges;
Although this isn’t actually an item of clothing, it is a recent must-have of mine. Burnt oranges couldn’t be more perfect for this time of year. Paired with white jeans is literally to die for or even some vintage blue jeans would look so chic.
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8. Knee-High Boots;
Knee-high boots are a classic that will return every year and be endlessly worn. So warm but so stylish. Whether worn with jeans for a simple day time look or dressed up with a short skirt at night.
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9. Leather Jacket;
Leather jackets just bring that casual but chic edge to any outfit and look so simple but amazing. I think pairing a black leather jacket with jeans whilst holding your handbag is a statement look that will guaranteed look fabulous.
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      Image result for Oasis Leather Look Biker red

10. Knitted Cardigan;
This is always a necessity for me. On the days where you want something very comfy but still look stylish, a long hanging cardigan is perfect for the job. I live in my cardigan and would be lost in the winter months without it.
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What are your winter essentials?
Kate Xx