BLOGMAS Day 17: Winter Lip Looks

Being a lip product hoarder, I am always left complimenting what to put on my lips on Christmas day or Boxing day. So in this post I am going to include my favourite lip colours to wear this December.
I had a hard choice narrowing them down but I am very happy with my five choices!

Rimmel Lasting Finish Colour Rush ‘200 Keep Mauving’

This has been a product that I have loved from the start. I was always obsessed with chubby sticks and still am but I was always buying these Rimmel chubby sticks as they are so pigmented but honestly just feel like a balm on which I love.
 Although they give lots of colour they feel very casual and comfortable to wear on the lips.
This shade has to be my favourite colour as I love a mauve shade so much! This is definitely going to have lots of wear our of it this holiday. I am annoyed with myself that I have forgotten about this wonder for so long.

BarryM Matte Me Up Lip Crayon ‘5’ 

It clearly wouldn’t be a winter lip look post without a fierce red. This product is one I got very recently in a goody bag and I am very excited about it. Being honest I would never pick this shade in the shop but I am really happy I have it. As it is like a chub stick it is very balmy and is not as in your face as a red lipstick is.
This shade is very pigmented which I love and although it is matte it has a really nice finish to it.

Mac Lipstick ‘Brave’

This was my first ever Mac product and I bought it not knowing it was such a raved about product. However I was not surprised when I later found do many people loving it. This colour is honestly my favourite ever lipstick colour, I will keep re-purchasing this lipstick for my whole life. If my life was a lipstick, I would be Mac’s Brave as the shade is to die for!! When I swatched it on my arm just before I just sat there admiring it (how sad is my life?).
Like all Mac Lipsticks it is very pigmented and lasts for a long time. This lipstick has a ‘satin’ finish which I really like as it’s balmy but not too creamy and looks very bold on the lip without being in your face. Is definitely a must-have for anyone as it suits all skin tones.

Kiko Smooth Temptation Lipstick ’06’

I bought this in Spain for around $2 (it was on sale) which was a complete bargain! However unfortunately I think they don’t sell them any more which is a pain as I love them. I have the 4 out of 6 of them and I love them all, they are so easy to wear and when I first put it on I was shocked at how creamy it was. I love it!
This shade is one of the darkest however it is still not too dark which is perfect for me. It is a mauve colour and is just a bit more darker toned than Mac’s Brave. 

Primark Lip Liner Pencil ’10’

If you have read some of my other posts about lip products then you will know I love Primark’s lip liners. They are all £1 which boggles me so I like to experiment with the colours as if I don’t end up liking the shade, I don’t feel bad as they only coat £1.
This shade is a brown with a small dark orange which isn’t my day to day shade but is perfect for my darker lip looks. Although it doesn’t match any of the other above products I do have some products that go really well with this. And I love the formula of these as they are very pigmented and also look so nice with a whole coating on the lip.

What are your favourite lip products for winter?
Kate Xx

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