BLOGMAS Day 19: Cosy Christmas

I am a person who hates being cold and in winter time I am always buying cosy clothes, and having lots of warm food. I definitely take advantage of the cold weather and I love being warm and cosy as it such a nice feeling plus whats better than being nice and snug on a freezing winter day.
So here are my best steps to have a cosy Christmas…

1. Candles;
Candles will instantly make your room more cosy and comfortable also can make the room smell amazing. I am not a big candle person and I always wish I used them more however when I do use them I love it. They are so relaxing and with a dim light and a candle it sets the perfect atmosphere in winter.

2. Warm Food;
Of course food would have to be involved. I love a good ‘winter warmer’! A steaming hot meal after a cold day is such a good feeling. Tucking into a big meal that you love and savouring every hot mouthful is something I love. Nothing’s better than a well earned meal on a bitter day.

Scarfs are a no-brainer at winter time, as soon as summer has ended I am wearing my scarf. I go by the rule, the bigger the better. I love wrapping a big scarf (basically a blanket) around me as words cannot describe how warm and cosy it is around your neck! Also it is always a good fashion piece.

In my house I have a big open fireplace and I love it so much. Me and my dog will just lie there feeling the warmth against are faces. The fire is something I really don’t appreciate enough as I rely on it so much in the cold seasons!
 Nothing can actually beat a roaring fire on a cold day. Also it gets even better when the marshmallows come out!

5.Hot Water Bottles;
My mum surprised me with a hot water bottle when I came in the other night and it bought the biggest smile to my face! I love hot water bottle so so much. Putting one in your bed around half an hour before you go to sleep, is the best! 

6.Fairy Lights;
I absolutely love fairy lights. I have them all in my room as they make it such a nicer place to be and brightens up the darker places in my room. Also they look so festive and can transform the room to be cosy and warm. I think everyone should have fairy lights in their room!

 I live for blankets in the winter. Snuggling up under a fluffy blanket whilst watching your favourite festive film (The Holiday obvs) cannot be beaten. Also sleeping with a blanket as well as your duvet is so warm and cosy.

8.Hot Chocolate;
Last but definitely not least! I am not a tea or coffee drinker so I always drink hot chocolate in the winter months. A big mug of hot chocolate with some marshmallows in whilst watching some youtube or a film. 

How do you have a warm and cosy Christmas?
Kate Xx

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