BLOGMAS Day 20: Christmas Nail Looks

Personally I find trying to decide on which nail varnish to wear over Christmas is such a hard decision. I will find a colour but then not like how it looks with my outfit or I won’t be able to find the ‘perfect’ colour.

So if you are unsure what to wear on your nails this year, then you’ve come to the right place. Just read on!

1. Glittery Red-
 BarryM Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint ‘Sparkling Ruby 549’

Obviously you need an option of a ruby red colour for the festive season. This polish is such a pretty colour and I love it. It is a really nice deep red colour with small glittery bits in which give a really pretty sparkle. And as it is a gelly formula it dry’s and looks very smooth on your nails however I find they do take a bit longer to dry than a usual nail polish.

2.Dark Purple-
 BarryM Nail Paint ‘Nightshade’

As it’s winter it’s the perfect time to be wearing much darker colours and I adore this dark purple shade. I love wearing dark nail shades however don’t really like wearing black shades so this colour is a really really dark purple which is perfect.  I would definitely recommend this if your looking for a dark colour but not black!

3.Bright Sparkles-
 Sinful Colors ‘Glass Pink 376’

On the other hand, if you don’t like wearing dark colours at winter and like to stick to bright and sparkly for the festive seasons then this polish is perfect. It is a very light baby pink colour which is full of sparkles. It’s not transparent which I like as it looks really nice on it’s own as it gives a professional finish to your nails as well as I love it on top of a simple colour. And these nail polishes are so high quality and I bought mine from Superdrug for a very low price.

4.Gold Shimmer-
Topshop Nail Polish ‘Suffuse 201’

This has been one of my favourite nail polish for ages now. However it has been so long that unfortunately I think Topshop do not sell this exact colour anymore. But I love this anyway! It is the typical gold shade with subtle shimmer to it, so it looks like a metallic gold colour but not to metallic!
This glides on the nails and is so smooth and has such a nice finish when it has dried.

5.Deep Berry-
 Revlon Nail Enamel ‘Vixen 570’

As a red shade is perfect for Christmas, I have to have many options of the colour depending on what I am feeling like, so I have to have a dark red. I love this Revlon nail varnish as it is a very deep and dark red but it’s still not a ruby red it’s more of a dark red with tiny bits of dark purple tones. (If anyone can picture that colour…). I find this really easy to apply as well as it has a tall lid and handle and the brush is small and long which is very practical.
I will be very tempted to paint my nails this colour at Christmas but maybe add a little glitter top coat to liven things up!

What nail varnish are you loving for this Christmas?
Kate Xx

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