BLOGMAS Day 21: Treating Yourself This Christmas

I broke up from school today so I have a relaxing 2 weeks ahead of me which I am very excited for and I am hoping to plan lots of blog posts and up my game on my posts as at the moment I feel like I can do better. 
However for today is a post I really enjoyed writing so enjoy…

Treat Yourself;
I definitely treat myself quite a bit but if it brings a smile to your face then why not? If you work hard in whatever your doing, whether school, a job or just general everyday life then it’s a well deserved treat. When I feel like a little treat I will always buy myself something off my shopping list whether it’s a new fashion piece or makeup or even some organisation for my room. 
Hard work always pays off.

Pamper Yourself;
 If your feeling stressed have a pamper evening to give you a break in the busy festive season. Slap on a face mask, have a big, bubbly hot bath filled with your favourite bubble bath or bath bomb. Then moisturise, tan, massage whatever you fancy. And of course finish off your relaxing evening with a film and a big bowl of crisps or popcorn. 
Having a pamper evening (or whole day!) is so beneficial. It can really calm yourself down as well as gives your mind a complete rest.

Self Care;
Keeping care of yourself is so important, physically and mentally. Give yourself a time to breathe and take a break from everything. Get a good nights sleep, never skip meals, regular exercise and generally take care of yourself. Always put yourself first when it comes to self care, make sure your relaxed and ready for each day as it comes.

Dress Up;

I personally love getting dressed up in every way to go out, it’s something I will always enjoy and is so relaxing (except for the times your running ridiculously late!!). Style your hair in a different way or your most loved classic style and spend your time doing your makeup (if you wear it). And of course pick out the perfect outfit (my fave bit), choose different pieces that look stylish but comfortable.
This will instantly make me feel happier and stay with me for the whole day. Feeling good about yourself is the best feeling.

Get Lost In A Book;
I am such a big fan of reading and hate how I barely read as I never seem to have the time. I am a person who will get completely lost in a book and most of the time have to finish it in a day or two! A good book can take you to somewhere else and you will completely forget about the world your living in. 

Treat yourself to a day of reading and it will refresh your mind so much. I have lots of books on my Christmas list so if I am lucky enough to get some, I should have some reading blog posts coming!

What will you be treating yourself to this Christmas?
Kate Xx

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