BLOGMAS Day 22: Healthy Christmas

Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year and one of the main reasons is because of all the nice food. However there is always so much of indulgent food that I will always over eat. Although Christmas is a time of relaxing with family and friends and sharing things you love, I still feel like I should at least try and make a effort to be healthy. 
So being healthy at Christmas never happens for me but this year I am going to be sensible when it comes to eating at Christmas.

Christmas Walks;
Me and my family will always go on a Christmas Day walk and I will always enjoy it so much. It’s always quiet out however we always bump into other people who are taking a stroll as well. Also going on a walk is the perfect time to test out some Christmas presents whether it’s a camera, bike or a woolly hat!
It also is one of my families traditions of going on a morning dog walk and is definitely it good start to a lovely day.

Healthy Alternatives;

Swapping the unhealthy food for something just as tasty but so much better for you is the way to go. For example popcorn is great as it’s quite healthy but still tastes as good as a bowl of pretzels covered in flavour! 
Also swap the sugary drink for a glass of water or only have one glass of something sweet then stick to the water as it’s an easy way to be a little bit healthier. And a big tip remember to stay hydrated!

Small Portions;

I know it’s hard when there is so much nice food on offer but just remember that if the food wasn’t in-front of you, then you wouldn’t be hungry. We all over eat on Christmas day and I will always regret eating so much. To eat less, don’t pile food on your plate just keep it simple and it’s always better to get more than start with too much. Also have more veg on your plate than potatoes and meat. 

Remember The Fruit;

I can personally say that I can not remember any Christmas when I have ate fruit. I am a big fruit eater and I do think it is important to eat a lot of fruit as it keeps you healthy and has so many benefits however at Christmas as I am not in my school routine I barely eat any fruit. So this year I am making a conscious effort to eat fruit and less chocolate.

Get Your Beauty Sleep;

Sleep is so so important and I feel like so many people will just brush past it.I love my sleep, if I don’t get enough sleep I am so moody and will likely look awful! On most night I will get around 8 to 9 hours of sleep which is perfect for me. People do forget that being healthy is not just dieting and exercise, other things are just important like sleep.

 How will you have a healthy Christmas?
Kate Xx
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