BLOGMAS Day 6: Clothes Show Live 2016

Hi guys, firts I apologise that this post is a bit late than usual but I did mention on my twitter that it was going to be a bit later than usual so sorry! But anyway..
On Saturday I went to the Clothes Show Live which is at the Nec at Birmingham. This was my forth year at the clothes show and as I love fashion and like to show what I have been loving in the fashion world, I though I would share it on my blog.

The Show

At the Clothes Show there is always a big catwalk show that lasts for around 50 minutes. It incorporates dance and fashion which I love. However I hate to say this, I wasn’t as impressed this year compared to other years I have been. This year they had changed the stage so the catwalk had gone and it was more a geometric kinda shape.
Mark Wright started off the show which I loved as ever since he was on I’m A Celebrity, I have loved him! And a group from this years X Factor performed who were okay but I personally hate the X Factor so I couldn’t tell you who it was!!
The first bit of the show before the big catwalk is a section by Mark Heyes. This showed where to get the styles from the runway from the high street which I loved. It included metallic, sequined, floral prints and on parade looks which have all been highly popular this season in the fashion industry. 

Onto the actual show, so the show was overall really good however I was a bit dissapointed as it didn’t beat the last couple of shows I have seen over the years. However on the positive, the outfits were amazing and definitely inspirded me to get some more staple pieces in my wardrobe! The show is always very well put together and the dancers are always incredbile. The show has different 

sections in which include dance and fashion and personally I just thought it didn’t beat last year or the year before and the years before that! Howver it still was really good and I did thouroughly enjoy it.

The Shops

Everyone always loves the shops at the catwalk, ranging from makeup, clothes and lifestyle. I really enjoyed the shops this year however unfortunately Rimmel and Peaches&Cream weren’t there which they usually are. There are always amazing offers at the clothes show and you will always get some gret buys. Some stores I bought things from was BarryM, Spectrum (Brushes), Glamour Magazine and some other bits and bobs from some random shops! I am hoping to do some posts after blogmas about some things I bought, so keep an eye out!
Also as always I will always love the big bags things come in and they will add to my collection of my clothes show bags! I love walking round the shops and I also got to look at some universities there which was interesting although I am no where near that age yet!

Mini Catwalks

Around the shopping area there is always mini catwalk stages whcih present lots of different catwalks and shows throughout eachday. I saw Mark Heyes doing a show called ‘Curves With Confidence’ which I loved as he knows his fashion so well. And a catwalk displaying universities which was incredible.

Overall I had the best day and cannot wait for next year. If your into your fashion you should definitely go as your missing out. And for me it’s not December if I haven’t been to the Clothes Show!
Kate Xx

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