BLOGMAS Day 7: The Best Christmas Films

Hello lovelies!
Yes I have dedicated a whole blog post to Christmas films.
And yes I watch too many films. (but who doesn’t).

I watch ridiculous amounts of films as it is, but in December it’s just an excuse to watch a dozen more! Snuggling down on a cold day in your woolly jumper and blanket with a christmassy film on, cannot ever be beaten. Although I do watch christmas films in August, watching them in December just makes me feel so festive and excited also whats better than a christmas rom-com?!
Food, hot chocolate, blanket, wooly jumper and the fire burning away is perfect for a film but it’s not so good when the only good film you have is the Grinch and you already watched it yesterday… So here’s my top christmas films and it’s not christmas if I don’t watch these films!

My top films have to be…

  • The Holiday;  This film, is just my life. For starters it’s got Jude Law, Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet and Jack Black starring in it, what more could you want? It’s set in a cute snowy cottage with heart warming romances and just is such a lovely film. I you haven’t watched it, I don’t know what your still doing here…

  • Love Actually;  Hugh Grant. Yes I know, I’ve already won you over. Seriously though, if you haven’t watched this film you need to. It’s such a classic film and there is someone in it everyone will love. It’s just your typical christmas, romantic film that I’m sure every person will love.
  • Serendipity;  I love this so much as it annoys you but at the same time your loving it as it’s such a frustrating game of love! It’s set in New York at christmas which I love and starts off with two people wanting the same gloves. And from then on they only have fate to bring them together. It’s deffo one to watch.
  • Elf;  So if your not addicted to unrealistic love stories then this will be for you. I am sure most people have watched Elf but if you haven’t it’s just the typical christmas film that you have to watch. Starring the hilarious Will Ferrell it brings lots of laughs and x-mas vibes! It’s such a funny film but is full to the brim of christmas spirit, it’s one for the whole family to chuckle to. Also set in New York Christmas, it’s just perfect!                                                                                     
  • Home Alone;  I’m including Home Alone 1 & 2 in this as I love them both equally. It shows the typical stressful family christmas except for at the airport… Destined to go wrong from the start, you fell soryy for Kevin but happy towards the end and might even shed a tear if your pathetic like me! I love these films as it has cunning plans and filming.                                As well as if you have an addiction to NYC at christmas like me then Home Alone 2 is for you!                                                                                       
  • Nativity;   Last but definitely not least! This has to be the best happy and lively christmas film! Whilst based on a school making a memorising school play it also has a cute story of love going on and songs you will remember for a lifetime! This is one for the whole family and I can happily listen to the soundtrack all day!
That’s it for today! But these are my all time favourite Christmas films and I have to watch them to get in the Christmas spirit and cheer me up! 

Comment down below your favourite films or if you agree with me on any of my top six!

Kate Xx

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