BLOGMAS Day 8: Makeup Dupes For Saving Money This Christmas

I am constantly wanting some new makeup or wanting something everyone is loving however it’s always hard when your trying to save money or don’t have any! And of course you just can’t move past it so I am here today showing you my favourite dupes for popular expensive makeup items.
Also this is perfect for Christmas as it’s one of the most expensive times of the year!

Urban Decay Naked 2   -£38
DUPE- Mua ‘Undress Me Too’   -£4

I have owned both of these 2 palettes for ages now but only just realsied how similar they were to eachother. The MUA palette has all of the same shades and as you can see there is a huge proce difference!
There is not that much diference in quality, Naked 2 is just that bit better as the shades last just a bit longer however the MUA palette does last for quite a long time as well. The MUA shades are very pigmented just like Naked 2 which I am impressed with. The only downside is the MUA palette comes with a spongue eyeshadow brush and the Naked 2 has a good fluffy brush however I don’t think that is a big problem. Also there is no mirror in the MUA palette but personally I don’t use the mirror in the palette anyway.
For the price I would definitely be getting the MUA palette.

Mac Velvet Teddy   -£15.50
DUPE- MUA ‘Fancy Fawn’   -£1

Velvert Teddy by Mac is a matte lipstick in a beautiful nudey pinky colour and has been a lipstick I have wanted from Mac for ages but now I have no desire for it as I have found this wonderful dupe from MUA again!

I have tried my sisters Velvet Tedddy before and was very impressed as it wasn’t drying however I am just as impressed my Mua’s version of it. In the pictures they do look a bit different however there is not that much difference on the lips but the Mac on is a little bit more pigmented. The Mua lipstick does have more of a darker tone to it however on the lips there is not that much difference I would say. However they are both very balmy and last long so for a diference of £14.50, it’s a clear bargain!

What makeup dupes have you found recently?
Kate Xx

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